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What Different Kinds of Brake Noise Mean

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 7th December 2022 12:45pm

Clean red brake calipers on a new-looking brake disc.

Some brake noises can be entirely benign, just some fresh or poor quality brakes, but some can be huge warning signs Ė find out what to listen out for.

What is Coasting and Should You Avoid It?

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 1st December 2022 6:30pm

A motorway full of lorries and cars at sunset.

Coasting is a favoured technique but is now actually outdated! Hereís why itís a bad idea, and another technique to achieve the same result.

Do Electric or Combustion Cars Need More Servicing?

Jack Dreyer | Friday 18th November 2022 8:30am

Mechanic servicing a car

If youíre interested in making the leap to driving an all-electric car, you may be wondering if itíll need servicing more or less than combustion cars. We explore.

Private Number Plates: Everything You Need to Know

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 9th November 2022 12:30pm

A red, modified car against a wall with graffiti.

If youíre thinking of investing in a private number plate, be sure you know all there is to know so you donít get caught out in the buying process. Read on.

Where Are The Common Blind Spots For Different Vehicles?

Jack Dreyer | Monday 17th October 2022 8:00am

A woman adjusts her rearview mirror to get a better view of the road.

Blind spots are one of the most common and unavoidable hazards for drivers of all vehicle types. Read on to learn where they are and how to manage them.

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