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Jack Dreyer

Jack is the newest and youngest member of the digital team here at Kwik Fit, assisting with website and blog content to ensure that our visitors are kept well informed on car maintenance and to provide useful safety advice. He currently drives a BMW 2 series and, his dream car would be an all black Mercedes G-Class.


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Do Electric and Hybrid Cars Need Different Tyres?

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 13th January 2022 4:04pm

A stack of tyres

Electric and hybrid vehicles come with many differences compared to their traditional counterparts - but what about when it comes to tyres? We find out.

Why is a Car Battery More Likely to Die in the Winter?

Jack Dreyer | Monday 10th January 2022 12:11pm

Cars on icy road

Ever wondered why your battery dies in the winter but never seems to struggle in the summer? Read on to find out more about seasonal battery health.

Getting to Grips with Stopping Distances in the Wet and Cold Weather

Jack Dreyer | Friday 7th January 2022 4:11pm

car tyre on a snow covered road

Keep yourself safe in cold and wet weather conditions by learning about winter tyre stopping distances and all-season tyres. Read on to find out more.

What to Know About The Ultra Low Emission Zone Expansion

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 4th January 2022 4:04pm

Ultra low emission zone sign in London

The ULEZ expanded again in October to include more land and more vehicles. In this blog, we investigate the other changes the new ULEZ brings to London.

How Do Electric Cars Work?

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 29th December 2021 5:06pm

Woman charging electric car

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular on the UKís roads as a cleaner, greener way to drive. But how do they work? Find out in Kwik Fitís blog.

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