Jack Dreyer

Jack is the newest and youngest member of the digital team here at Kwik Fit, assisting with website and blog content to ensure that our visitors are kept well informed on car maintenance and to provide useful safety advice. He currently drives a BMW 2 series and, his dream car would be an all black Mercedes G-Class.


  • Sticking One Top Bins
  • F1
  • Biscoff Milkshakes


  • Unnecessarily Noisy Exhausts
  • Peanut Butter
  • Traffic

Are More People Failing Their Driving Tests?

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 23rd May 2024 9:30am

Car key on top of a UK driving licence.

The UK has more licence holders than ever, yet fewer young people are driving. Are more people failing their tests, and, if so, why? Read on to find out more.

Setting Up & Getting to Know Your New Car

Jack Dreyer | Monday 20th May 2024 12:30pm

Man smiling in car whilst dangling his car keys out the window.

Getting a new car can be equal parts exciting & overwhelming, especially if its your first. Use our expert guide to settle in with your new car in no time.

Understanding the Different Parts of a Car Wheel

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 16th May 2024 10:00am

Close up of a car wheel.

You cant have a car without wheels, right? But, what does a wheel actually contain and what are the different parts? Read on to find out more.

The History of Driving Tests: Then vs Now

Jack Dreyer | Monday 13th May 2024 8:00am

Close up of the back of a drivers licence.

With over 30 million cars on the road, driving tests are vital for ensuring safe driving practices. Learn how driving tests have evolved over the years here.

Do Electric Bikes Need Insurance & a Licence in the UK?

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 9th May 2024 1:30pm

Man in a suit with a bike helmet on adjusting the seat of a bike.

Explore whether electric bikes require insurance and a licence in the UK. Learn more on e-bike laws, insurance types, and how they differ from motor vehicles.

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