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Kwik Fit | Wednesday 6th February 2019 9:40am

Continental three award winning tyres

The annual Auto ExpressTyre Test is an important one for tyre manufacturers. The time and investment spent on the research and development of new tyres has a chance to be recognised during the Tyre test, with wet braking, rolling resistance, and aquaplaning all being tested

In the 2018 tests, Continental tyres won a clean sweep of awards for best summer, winter and all-season tyres. With the PremiumContact™ 6 scooping the award for best summer tyres, the WinterContact™ TS 860 scoring highest on the tests amongst winter tyres and the AllSeasonContact™ being awarded the best all season tyre, Continental have got you covered whatever the weather.

Why is choosing the right tyres important?

Your tyres are crucial for vehicle safety being the only part of your car that is in contact with the road. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your tyres won’t let you down. Auto Express’ Independent Tyre testing is known for being a rigorous process. Here are some of the key performance attributes that enabled the Continental tyres to be crowned as the winners. 

Summer Tyre Test 2018 winner PremiumContact™ 6

The PremiumContact™ 6 was selected as the winner in the summer tyre category. The tyres were put through their paces in both wet and dry conditions and Continental's tyre came out on top in various categories. Parts of the tests included assessing handling, cornering, and how a tyre copes with deep water at high speeds. The tyres also underwent dry testing on complex circuits with high-speed curves to test how well the tyres balanced. Some notable elements of the tyre's performance which were praised during the tests were:

  • Best performance in both wet and dry
  • Sharpest performance on the wet track
  • Better handling than its rivals

The consistent performance of this tyre across all testing categories enabled it to be crowned the best summer tyre with the highest overall combined score.

Winter Tyre Test 2018 winner WinterContact™ TS 860

Continental also took the award for the best winter tyre in the Auto Express tests. Here are some of the reasons why the WinterContact™ TS 860 won the award for the best winter tyre for the third year running:

  •  Strong performance in wet braking and handling

  •  Outstanding traction at corners

  • Top performance results whatever the weather

Continental’s WinterContact™ TS 860 is a popular winter tyre choice and its qualities have been highlighted by its success in Auto Express’ rigorous testing procedures over the last few years.

All-Season Tyre Test 2018 winner AllSeasonContact™

The new Continental AllSeasonContact™ was awarded the best all-season tyre in its Auto Express debut. The development of the AllSeasonContact was centred around getting the balance right between the characteristics of designated summer and winter tyres. This has allowed Continental to create a tyre that performs well regardless of the road surface as shown in the Auto Express test results.

Continental's award-winning tyres

Continental’s investment in research and development has meant that they are continually at the forefront of tyre innovation. If you already own a vehicle fitted with Continental tyres, you will have experienced firsthand their strong performance. As one in three cars manufactured in Europe are fitted with Continental OE (Original Equipment) tyres, it is clear that they are a good choice for motorists. These tyres consistently outperform their budget alternatives in tests such as the Auto Express ones outlined above.

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