Can servicing affect the value of your car?

Bradley Jando | Thursday 22nd October 2020 1:19pm

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The short answer? Yes. Almost always, a vehicle that has been regularly serviced will maintain its resale value much more than one that has not been regularly serviced. This is for two main reasons:

  1. Regular servicing keeps your car in good condition
  2. Regular servicing will build up a ‘service history’ for your car, which you can then use to prove that it has been looked after

Regular servicing keeps your car in good condition

Like any machine, regular inspections, tweaks, oils, and changes will keep a car running smoothly.

Most problems in vehicles are caused by a lack of attention. For example, a buildup of material in one area compounds into a blocked tube, which compounds into an overheating part, which compounds into large sections of your car needing to be replaced.

A potential buyer will always be weighing up the proposed cost of your car against a perceived cost of potential repairs. After all, if they’re paying the fee you’d like, they’re unlikely to be willing to pay for extra, costly repairs – unless that’s factored into your price.

So keeping your car in good condition is likely to bode well for future buyers – they’ll expect not to have to make any large repairs in the near future.

The importance of a vehicle service history

Most buyers place a huge importance on a vehicle’s service history. In fact, we asked over 2,000 drivers, and over half said that they wouldn’t even consider buying a vehicle without a service history. Traders have also stated that they pay less for cars without full service histories.

If a vehicle has missed services, or (for older vehicles) the log book has been lost, it’s classed as a ‘Part History’. This might not indicate the true condition of the vehicle, and your car may be very well looked after, but without a full, official record, a buyer is likely to be wary.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to resell your car – it’s just likely that you won’t be able to get as much for it as you otherwise could.

If you intend to maintain your car’s resale value, as well as avoid costly repairs, get regular, dependable servicing at your local Kwik Fit garage.

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