Driving Home for Christmas

Kwik Fit | Thursday 5th December 2019 10:40am

Family in car at Christmas time

Driving in the winter can often be risky, especially if the roads are icy. If you’re driving home for Christmas, make sure to prepare your vehicle first. From your tyres to your batteries and electrics, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is ready for any adverse weather conditions and drive safely during your journey. Considering which tyres to fit to your vehicle is a vital part of driving safely in icy conditions. When selecting tyres, there are lots of factors to take into account. Looking for tyres that are high quality and as environmentally friendly as possible is vital in ensuring driver safety in the colder months.

Pre- Journey Checklist

There are a number of checks that you should carry out before heading on a long journey this Christmas. Be sure that you check that all your lights are working before setting off so that you can alert other road users of your presence. Your tyres and battery are also key vehicle components to check before you set off. 

Firstly, check the tread depth and pressure of your tyres to ensure that they are at the level required for your vehicle to be safe. Your battery is part of your car that can be susceptible to issues in the colder weather conditions so you should ensure it works before driving away. Find out what's included in our ultimate winter driving checklist here.

Tyre Innovation

Tyre manufacturers are consistently making improvements to tyres safety. Notable innovations include the creation of the detachable wheel rim which makes it easier to change a tyre quickly. Another innovation that Continental have worked on is their Contiseal™ self-sealing technology which allows drivers to drive safely to their destination.

Original Equipment Tyres

Original equipment tyres are the tyres that manufacturers deem to have the best characteristics to deliver on safety and performance for your vehicle. Manufacturers such as Continental, awarded the 2019 Product of the Year award by Auto Express UK, are trusted to supply tyres that meet performance needs. 

Continental also achieved success in receiving the awards of Summer, Winter and All- season Tyre of the Year success in 2018. You can browse our range of Continental tyres here.

Tyres of the Future

Sustainability is a key concern for consumers. One of the key innovations in creating more sustainable tyres is Continental’s research into tyres made from dandelion rubber. This technology is currently available for some commercial vehicles but it is intended to be rolled out to more vehicles in the future. 

The use of dandelion rubber to make tyres could lead to a reduction in the need for traditional resources from rubber tree plantations. Dandelion rubber can be produced on land not usually suitable for growing plants which could potentially be nearer to the Continental factories which can help reduce the carbon footprint.

If you’re driving home for Christmas, make sure that your vehicle is well prepared and fitted with the best tyres possible to guarantee to get you home on time. 

If you need any advice on tyres or winter driving, contact our experts online or at your local Kwik Fit centre and we'll be happy to help.

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