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Feeling deflated?

Kwik Fit | Thursday 28th August 2014 8:00am

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It’s important that you check your tyre pressure regularly in order to stay safe on the roads. You might not notice it but generally your tyres will lose air at a rate of up to two pounds every month. But tyres lose air even faster during hot weather so while we’ve all been enjoying the warm summer spell, your tyres may be feeling a little deflated, so it’s even more important than usual to keep tabs on your tyre pressure.

Not sure what your vehicle’s tyre pressure should be? Your recommended tyre pressure or PSI (pounds per square inch) will be listed in your vehicle hand book but if you don’t have this to hand you can use our tyre pressure checker to find your manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle.

Ensuring your tyre pressure is correct will help:

Improve your vehicle stability and handling

Under inflated front tyres increases under steer whereas low tyre pressure on the rear axle increases over steer. If all tyres are low then steering will become generally sluggish.

Improve fuel economy

Correctly inflated tyres have less rolling resistance which means more miles to the gallon for the driver.

Prolong the life of your tyres

Tyres will wear up to 25% faster if they are not correctly inflated which means shelling out for new tyres more often.

Under inflated tyres are prone to excessive wear on the inside and outside edges of the tread. But more concerning, if your tyre pressure drops too low it can lead to tyre failure which could be catastrophic if this occurs while travelling at speed. If you are at all concerned about your tyres, have excessive pressure loss or irregular tyre wear, bring your car down to your nearest Kwik Fit centre and we will check your tyres for free.

More tips on how to look after your tyres:

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