Factors that Can Impact Car Handling

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 13th April 2022 12:30pm

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There are several factors that can affect the way a car handles. Some of them include tyre pressure, suspension settings, steering wheel position, and even the type of tyres installed.

Let's explore the most common factors that influence car handling below.

Road conditions

The first thing to consider is road conditions. For example, if you're driving on a smooth road with no potholes or other obstacles, then your car will handle better than if you were driving on an uneven road with lots of bumps and dips.

The reason for this is that when there are fewer bumps and dips in the road, your tyres have less distance to travel over each pothole. This makes the car easier to steer and control.

On the other hand, if you're driving on a rough road with many potholes, it's harder for your tyres to cover these distances quickly enough. Therefore, they'll be travelling longer distances over each dip, which means more time spent going up and down. This makes the car harder to handle, and it could even damage your tyres and suspension too.

Tyre type and condition

Another factor that influences how a car handles is the type of tyres fitted. For example, if you've got shallow, low-profile tyres (like those found on sports cars), they'll provide less grip and traction than high-profile tyres (like those found on 'regular' vehicles).

This is because low-profile tyres don't offer much contact area between their treads and the ground. As such, they won't offer as much grip as high-profile tyres.

Low-profile tyres tend to wear out faster than high-profile ones because the tread pattern on low-profile tyres isn't designed to last as long. They'll need replacing sooner, and your handling won't be optimal.

You can browse our full range of premium tyres here as well as explore the different types of tyre.

Suspension system condition

Your car's suspension system also plays a significant role in how well it handles. A good suspension system provides a comfortable ride while being able to absorb small bumps and turbulence without causing damage to the bodywork.

On the other hand, a flawed suspension system might not give you any comfort at all, and it may cause damage to your car's bodywork. It may also make the car feel unstable and challenging to drive. This is because wheel alignment can only be achieved when your suspension is in good condition.

If you’re worried about your car’s wheel alignment, book in for a free check with Kwik Fit.

If your tyres are wearing down fast, you’re feeling every bump in the road that you drive over, or your vehicle is getting harder to turn, you may need to get your suspension system condition checked.


Brakes are one of the most critical components of your vehicle. Faulty brakes can affect the handling of your car and put your safety at risk. In this instance, your brake rotors will be the main offender.

Your brake rotors are the discs attached to the front wheels of your car. The brake pads of your car will clamp down on the brake rotors to prevent the wheels from turning. Issues with your brake rotors can cause delayed braking, affecting your vehicle handling and putting you in danger.

Make sure you maintain your brake rotors and check them regularly for signs of wear to avoid damage. If you’re not confident checking your brakes yourself, you can book in for a free brake check at Kwik Fit.

Other factors that can impact car handling include:

Car handling conclusions

To accelerate, corner, brake, and control your car efficiently, your handling needs to be perfect. Unfortunately, several components can impact the direction and stability of your vehicle.

To keep your car running smoothly, check your components regularly by maintaining a regular servicing schedule at your nearest Kwik Fit. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team of expert technicians.

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