Jaffa's Grand Day Out

Kwik Fit | Thursday 26th May 2016 8:30am

Giant hamster with dog

Over the years, our technicians have come face-to-face with a number of strange items in customers' cars, while repairs were being carried out.

From live pythons to false teeth, we’ve seen our share of weird and wonderful things, all of which were discovered during repairs under bonnets, in boots, or left out on display within the car.

One story that captured our hearts was the tale of a six-year-old girl’s hamster called Jaffa who escaped from his cage on the way back from the vets. The story has now been turned into a TV advertising campaign after Jaffa’s delighted owners wrote a letter, thanking our technicians for rescuing the treasured member of the family. To celebrate this heart-warming story, our technicians created the world's first hamster-wagon - a giant Jaffa the hamster on wheels - which took to the streets of London to brighten up the capital's day.

Giant hamster in Kwik Fit
Giant hamster in Kwik Fit
Giant hamster in Kwik Fit

Giant hamster in Kwik Fit
Giant hamster in Kwik Fit
Giant hamster in Kwik Fit

Hamster Watch

Have you seen our giant Jaffamobile around the streets of London? Perhaps you spotted him sniffing around on Clapham Common or trying to board the Millennium Eye like a giant hamster wheel! Tweet your photos using the hashtag #Jaffamobile.

Alongside rescuing several hamsters, our technicians have also come across a whole host of other peculiar items, including a £10,000 engagement ring, a prosthetic hand, and a clown costume!

Top 20 oddest items discovered by our technicians during repairs

1. A headstone with the customer's name engraved on it (On display on the back seats)
2. A live python (On display in the passenger footwell)
3. A prosthetic human hand (On display on the back seats)
4. A sex toy (On display in the glovebox alongside the locking wheel nut key)
5. A live hamster (Rescued from behind the glovebox)
6. A £10,000 engagement ring (Retrieved from underneath the passenger seat)
7. A live cockerel (Left on display in the back footwell)
8. A bird's nest (Found underneath the car bonnet)
9. A live kitten (Rescued from underneath the car bonnet)
10. A set of false teeth (Left on display on the dashboard)
11. Ninja nunchucks (On display on the back seats)
12. Taxidermy fox (Left in the passenger footwell)
13. Inflatable life jacket (Left on display in the car boot)
14. A tarantula (Spotted on the back seats after escaping from container)
15. A wig (Left on display in the car boot)
16. A clown costume (On display in the car boot)
17. A garden gnome (Left on display on the back seats)
18. A rubber face mask of Prince Charles (Left on display in the car boot)
19. An anatomical science skeleton (Left on display in the car boot)
20. A digeridoo (On display on the back seats of the car)
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