Kwik Fit Club Wins Product Innovation of the Year at the 2021 NTDA Awards

Bradley Jando | Wednesday 13th October 2021 10:35am

2021 NDTA Tyre Industry Award

Here at Kwik Fit we are delighted to have picked up the Product Innovation of the year award following the launch of our new service Kwik Fit Club.

What is Kwik Fit Club?

In the UK, and across the world, there has been a long-standing challenge of drivers choosing to neglect car maintenance until a ‘cure’ is necessary, rather than a ‘prevention’ approach which is normally quicker, cheaper and safer in the long run. This issue combined with a reluctance to spend big on premium tyre brands, even though they are proven to be safer and also longer lasting than budget options, gave us an obstacle to overcome.

This is where Kwik Fit Club comes in. Dubbed by some media reports as ‘the Netflix of car maintenance’, the unique service was launched in the North West and Yorkshire regions in early 2021 before being rolled out nationwide. Kwik Fit Club gives drivers access to premium tyre options, servicing and even MOTs, for just a small monthly subscription. By spreading the cost of these products and services over an affordable monthly contribution, Kwik Fit Club offers a solution that is both cost effective for drivers while also helping to keep the cars on Britain’s roads in the best condition possible.

What are the benefits of Kwik Fit Club?


One of the main positives of Kwik Fit Club is the added safety it gives, not just to the drivers who have membership, but also to other drivers on the road. The regular health checks included as part of the membership help to keep drivers thinking about car maintenance on a proactive basis, to address car faults before they turn into more dangerous, and more expensive, issues.

Kwik Fit Club also has a strong focus on equipping vehicles with premium tyres – especially homologated models (designed with manufacturers for optimum performance on a specific vehicle). The higher price tag for premium tyres often leads to drivers choosing cheaper options. With Kwik Fit Club, however, the cost is split over affordable monthly payments so members can benefit from the increased performance and most importantly safety that comes with a premium tyre option.


Another benefit of Kwik Fit Club is that it really is accessible for everyone. Unlike most maintenance packages which must be signed up for when a new car is purchased, drivers can become a Kwik Fit Club member at any time – with either a new or used car! Not only that, but you do not even need a brand new set of tyres at the time of membership, instead the existing tyre tread is taken into consideration and if safe for the road the tyres can continue to be used until they start to wear close to the legal tread limit.

Once you have a membership set up, keeping up to date with your membership is just as easy too with our Kwik Fit Club mobile app. In today’s world most people use smart phones to keep on top of everything – why should car maintenance be any different? With the Kwik Fit Club Mobile app you can easily set up a new account, make bookings for Kwik Fit Club services, view and manage payment methods, and add or remove additional vehicles to your plan.


Not only is Kwik Fit Club easy to access, but the levels of subscription can also be personalised to be suitable for each driver’s individual needs. Subscription costs are personalised according to specific variables, including the vehicle driven, mileage covered and the condition of the tyres at the beginning of the membership.

Drivers can choose whether to have membership that includes just tyre replacements, or to include servicing and MOT in the plan for the ultimate level of cover. What’s more is drivers can also add multiple cars to the same subscription and manage them all from one central hub.

Peace of mind

Finally, members of Kwik Fit Club can rest easy knowing that any tyre repairs or replacements that they require during their subscription will be covered. There is not a specified number of tyre replacements drivers are entitled to, instead any repairs and replacements that are necessary as a result of driving within the specified mileage will be covered, with no nasty surprises.

Find out more

If you’re looking for a manageable monthly payment to look after all of your car maintenance needs then Kwik Fit Club may be perfect for you! Why not pop over to our Kwik Fit Club page where you can create an account and book in your free vehicle health check. Stress free motoring is just a few clicks away.

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