Looking ahead to 2021: what's coming in the motoring world?

Bradley Jando | Tuesday 22nd December 2020 11:05am

Futuristic Car Dashboard and Centre Console

Looking ahead to 2021: what's coming in the motoring world?

Predictions for the motoring industry tend to centre around AI cars taking over the world Ė with us mere mortals plugged into the seats, at the mercy of decisions made in a server on Mars.

Well, itíll likely be quite some time before that happens. So, looking a little closer to home, whatís in store for 2021 when it comes to the world of cars? Letís find out.

More Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles show no sign of slowing down. One of the largest strides made so far has been the increase in distance for a full charge. The Porsche Taycan, billed for 2021, will be able to travel 281 miles on a single charge. The BMW i4 is projected to have a 373-mile range!

Itís a far shot behind the more recent Ford Focusí range of 1158 miles on a tank (thatís Brighton to Aberdeen and back!) but is still an impressive step. After all, most people arenít going to be taking trips that span the length of Britain very often.

More AI

Even without cars moving to all-electric, we are seeing a significant increase in electric frills - such as fully-integrated car infotainment systems and self-driving aspects. Drivers who are used to manual driving will likely have to adjust to self-driving aspects, but itís a trend thatís not showing signs of budging any time soon.

Things such as lane assist and self-driving cars can be disconcerting, but are also set to make roads significantly safer and more effective.

This is set to expand further with the roll out of 5G. Increased connectivity and speed means that car AI could be able to do complex calculations without having to have large, powerful processors on board.

More SUVs

The SUV market has only continued to grow, and 2021 will see an intensification of the electric SUV competition between Audi and Tesla - as Audiís Q4 e-tron comes up against the Tesla Model Y. Which side are you taking? Whoever youíre backing, itís sure to be interesting to observe.

More emissions?

The price point of new, hybridised SUVs is getting to the point where customers in the market for new cars are potentially more likely to buy a diesel or petrol alternative at a lower price point.

Weíll have to wait to see exactly how people respond, but hybrid and all-electric vehicles in general still seem to be set as the future of transport Ė especially considering a UK plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.


If this yearís taught us anything, itís that we canít rely on predictions alone when planning. One thing thatís for sure is that weíll continue to be surprised by what car manufacturers have in store.

Do you have any trends youíre excited to see play out next year? Let us know!

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