Planning a caravan break? Remember to check those tyres first.

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 10th June 2014 5:30pm

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As the summer holidays approach each year, countless UK residents begin planning what can only be described as the quintessential British holiday – the caravan break! It is thought that there are nearly a million caravan owners in the UK alone with many intending to take their pride and joy out on the roads over the next few months.

But with many of the nation’s caravans and motorhomes being left on driveways over the winter months, you might want to check on those tyres before embarking on your holiday. Towing your caravan to a garage can be a pain, we know, especially if you already have a flat caravan tyre. 

However, you can easily avoid this hassle by using our mobile tyre fitting service. With appointments available 6 days a week, our experienced mobile tyre fitters can come to you at a time that is convenient and can fit new tyres without fuss or bother.

But what if you get a puncture while towing your caravan? A blowout on a caravan tyre can be dangerous and potentially life threatening if it occurs while travelling at speed. To avoid such dangers, Kwik Fit recommends fitting Tyron safety bands to your caravan tyres. These simple but effective devices are attached to the steel rim of the wheel and act as a run flat mechanism giving you added peace of mind.

Tyron safety bands look incredibly simple, so how do they work? 

All wheels on a car, caravan, or other vehicle are designed with fitting wells which allow the removal and replacement of the tyres. These wells exist for a practical purpose, but they can be incredibly dangerous too. A regular well-inflated tyre will stay fixed to the outer rim of the wheel, but in the event of a blowout or even a slow puncture, the air pressure will drop in the tyre and there is a risk that the tyre can move around and fall into the fitting well. If this happens, the tyre will buckle and the driver can lose control of the vehicle. Tyron safety bands prevent the tyre from slipping into the tyre well by locking the tyre to the wheel and filling the well. So if you are unfortunate enough to have a blowout while taking the caravan or motorhome on holiday this year, fitting Tyron safety bands will enable you to maintain steering, braking and cornering control, even if travelling at high speeds. Tyron safety bands are particularly useful when fitted to caravans as it can be sometime before you realise that you have a flat tyre. The Tyron band allows you to keep moving until you reach a safe place to stop and replace the tyre.

Kwik Fit is an approved Tyron safety band fitter and you need only fit them once – they can be reused even in the event of a puncture. So, enjoy your holiday this year without fear of puncture and breakdown. If needed, book an appointment using our mobile tyre fitting service now. For more information about Tyron bands, visit our Tyron bands page.

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