Preparing for a staycation with your family? Check out our tips

Bradley Jando | Wednesday 4th August 2021 12:21pm

A family of four taking their car out for a staycation

2020 brought with it a significant number of challenges, seen across a number of sectors - with hospitality and travel being among those industries that were hit particularly hard. The restrictions on these areas have been significant, and experts warn that while the vaccine roll-out and plans for moving out of lockdowns are underway, a complete recovery of these industries could take up to four years - particularly if we’re talking about reaching pre-pandemic levels.

One thing that has come out of this, though, is the rise in people turning to the great British shores for their break from reality, instead of flocking to the nearest airport by default. Towards the end of the first lockdown, UK travel bookings experienced a significant boom. And this surge in staycations is likely to remain a more permanent fixture than many had initially imagined, particularly as overseas travel continues to remain unpredictable.

Manny from The Wandering Mother agreed, saying: “Since the first lockdown we have focused on travelling within the UK. It’s something we’ve always done, but definitely not as often. We are also a big fan of glamping and there’s so many wonderful places to visit in the UK. This year, we’ll be glamping near Wales.”

Once again, people are longing to escape the boredom of lockdowns and get out of their homes which, for many, have become multi-functional places to live, work, and learn over the past year and a bit. No wonder the walls are starting to feel like they’re closing in a little!

The staycation hotspots of 2021

A recent survey undertaken by YouGov found that 44% of Brits said they’re planning to take a leisure trip within the UK in the next 12 months - with only one in three respondents planning to venture abroad during the same time. So, with travel bodies and experts warning that availability for UK breaks is going to be hard to come by over the next year due to demand, it’s time to start planning where your next escape is going to be if you want to join the masses looking to make the most of England’s green and pleasant lands.

Travel provider conducted research into which UK destinations people are looking to book the most for when restrictions lift. The top five included Cornwall, Scottish Highlands, Devon, Cumbria/Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, representing some of the UK’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

In fact, insights suggest that this countryside lifestyle is proving increasingly popular. Last year, London topped the list as the most popular staycation spot, whereas in 2021, Edinburgh is the only city to make it into the top 10.

Tips for travelling with family

While staycations are undeniably a great way to see all that the UK has to offer, travelling with kids can bring its own set of challenges - particularly if you’re talking about spending long hours in your car.

“The long journey in the car is tough for the kids - with some bouts of motion sickness which can make the journey even more unpleasant,” explains Gail from Mum Force. “We schedule lots of little stops on the way or, if we can, plan it around nap times or evenings where we can "mostly" guarantee that they will fall asleep - the easiest way to do the journey.”

Being prepared is definitely the key to success, as with most road trips. Sabrina from Deep In Mummy Matters recommends getting your kids to pack a small backpack each, which they can “pack with toys, books, their Kindle tablet which they download their favourite movies and games onto, and of course snacks, because you always need snacks on a long journey.”

Snacks are definitely a firm favourite when it comes to the experts we spoke to. In fact, Natalie from Crummy Mummy says it’s her ultimate top tip! “You can never have too many snacks! The only thing worse than kids constantly asking 'are we nearly there yet?' is cries of 'I'm hungry!', plus the only time they're quiet is when they're eating so the more snacks you pack, the more peace and quiet you're likely to get!” she explains.

If you can, it’s great to start on the staycations early, to get kids and the family as a whole used to travelling in the car. “Our children have been going on long car journeys since they were tiny and I think making them a normal part of our lives, and part of any adventure has made the children really enjoy that time in the car,” says Donna from What The Redhead Said.

Ready to hit the road?

If you’re thinking about planning your next UK break, then make sure that your car is up to scratch before you set off too. Check out our eBook as a thorough guide to car safety checks and prepping your vehicle before a long journey, or get in touch with your local Kwik Fit centre to plan a service before you leave if you have any concerns.

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