The Essential Car Boot Packing Guide To Your Summer Staycation

Kwik Fit | Wednesday 21st July 2021 5:49pm

SAS man at Kwik Fit centre with full boot

Did you know that not being able to fit everything into the boot and last minute packing due to lack of organisation are among the most common causes of holiday arguments?

Not only does it create family tension, overpacking the boot of your carcan result in unsafe driving. In fact, a quarter of Brits admitted to not being able to see out the back of their car due to overpacking, with some even driving with the boot open or having to remove a spare tyre to fit it all in. Not to worry, we’re here to help solve your boot packing woes. We’ve teamed up with an SAS leader to create the ultimate guide to packing safely and efficiently for your summer staycation.

Top tips on how to pack a car boot with military precision - helping you to avoid accidents and arguments this summer

  1. Be prepared. Before you start packing make sure you plan ahead and make a list. The main reason people overpack is because they are unprepared and just throw everything in. Planning ahead will keep you focused and organised and help make sure you don’t take anything you don’t need.
  2. Do your research. Before you head off for your staycation, make sure you check the local amenities and what items are provided. You’re likely to find that your favourite tea bags and snacks will be available locally so no need to pack food or drink for the length of your stay.
  3. Be ruthless. Knowing what is essential and being ruthless is half the battle. Think about what you are packing and whether it is really necessary. And if you have to think twice about bringing something on holiday, you likely don’t need it.

  4. Roll your clothes. This tip is more of a technique. Most people fold their clothes but folding then rolling will make the item much smaller, meaning you can fit more in the suitcase. And using a soft case also ensures that it will take up less space.

  5. Utilise space and pack in reverse order. Pack the biggest items first and make sure that anything you might need mid-journey is easily accessible. Utilise all the space in the car for smaller items, such as rolling beach towels and storing them under the front seats.

Essential Staycation car checks

Making sure your car is ready for the road should be at the top of your holiday preparation checklist. Here are 10 simple checks you can do yourself that could be the difference between getting to your holiday destination as planned, or sitting by the roadside waiting for recovery.

  1. Check your coolant levels 
  2. Pack your car jack and locking wheel nut key 
  3. Check your engine oil level 
  4. Refill your screenwash bottle 
  5. Check your tyre pressure on all tyres, including the spare 
  6. Check your tyre tread for wear 
  7. Check tyre sidewalls for cracks, splits or bulges 
  8. Make sure all lights are working properly 
  9.  Turn on windscreen wipers and check wiper blades 
  10.  Test your air con is producing cool air

Get your car holiday ready with Kwik Fit 

At Kwik Fit, we offer a free vehicle health check. Our trained technicians can advise on any maintenance required, either now or in the near future, so that you set off on your summer holiday with complete peace of mind. Designed to help you avoid breakdowns and keep your car running smoothly, you can book in for a free car check online or by visiting your local Kwik Fit centre.

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