TyreSafe Reveals Part-Worn Tyres Sold Illegally

Kwik Fit | Thursday 26th January 2017 4:48pm

part worn tyre damage

TyreSafe is once again urging Britain’s motorists to be extra vigilant if they are considering buying used and part-worn tyres. Results of the most recent investigations show that just 6% of the used tyres inspected were sold in compliance with legal regulations.

The inspections were carried out as part of a joint operation with the National Tyre Distributors’ Association (NTDA) and Trading Standards. Of the 67 tyres checked, more than half had defects impairing their safety, including poor repairs, structural damage and age-related deterioration.

The recent investigation has led to convictions or formal guidance being issued to 19 part worn dealers across the country. The findings also revealed some shocking examples of poor practice among used tyre dealers with wrong size tyres being fitted, incorrect tyre pressures being used and water being left inside a tyre when fitted to the wheel.

In two instances, all four tyres supplied by the part worn retailer were deemed to be dangerous and not fit for purpose. And while some retailers do seem to be operating in compliance with regulations on part worn tyres, this appears to be the exception and not the norm.

“The extent of non-compliance and incompetence among dealers selling part worn tyres represents a significant risk to road safety. Motorists depend on tyre dealers to supply and fit this safety critical component in a road-worthy and legal condition but are instead being duped into buying a product which could potentially be life-threatening. Even if sold legally, TyreSafe urges Britain’s motorists not to buy part worn tyres for the sake of their own safety and that of other road users.”
- TyreSafe Chairman, Stuart Jackson, comments on the latest research.

TyreSafe is the UK’s charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres, and has been campaigning to raise awareness of the potential dangers of part worn tyres since its inception in 2006.

When you buy tyres, unless it is brand new, there is no way to tell how that tyre has been used and it could conceal hidden damage not visible to the untrained eye. Not only are part worn tyres a significant risk to road safety, they typically represent a false economy as they will need replacing much sooner than a new tyre with 8mm of tread.

If you are considering buying part worn tyres, an important question to ask yourself is, “Why were the tyres removed from the previous vehicle in the first place?”.

If you have any questions about your tyres, part-worn or otherwise, get in contact with the team of experts at your nearest Kwik Fit today.

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