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‘Fast’, ‘sleek’ & ‘reliable’ are all words that spring to mind when thinking about the Audi A3. Despite being around since 1996, this family hatchback is a car of the future. As it enters its fourth generation, with its tech-filled dash and high-quality interior, the Audi A3 remains a large roadster that keeps on giving.

But do you give your A3 anything in return? At Kwik Fit, we provide a range of services that allow drivers to properly take care of their vehicles — whatever make or model they drive. Read on to discover the options available for your Audi A3.

Audi A3 Service

To keep your Audi A3 in top condition, it is essential that you book it in for regular servicing at Kwik Fit. Be it an Engine Oil and Filter Change or a Manufacturer Service, our expert technicians can help you keep your Audi A3 on the road for longer while remaining within warranty.

Audi A3 MOT Test

Book your Audi A3 in for its MOT with Kwik Fit today and receive a trustworthy, thorough service from our dedicated technicians. We’re committed to keeping you safe on the road by ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly.

Make sure you never lose track of when your MOT is due by using our handy tool. And, in the meantime, consider booking in for a combined MOT & service to avoid any surprises if it’s been a while since your last service.

Audi A3 Battery Check & Replacement

Is your battery performing poorly? If your car has recently been stalling a lot or has required a jump-start, you may need to replace the battery — and soon!

For added peace of mind, one of our experts can perform a free battery health check using Bosch’s latest Bosch testing technology to assess the condition of your battery. What’s more, no appointment is necessary!

If it is that you need a battery replacement, simply book in and purchase a battery fitting for your Audi A3 online to get this up and running again in no time.

Audi A3 Tyres

As the main point of contact between your car and the road, your tyres can wear down quicker than you think. In the absence of proper maintenance and regular replacement, tyres can become seriously dangerous over time due to the reduced grip leading to shorter braking distances.

With Kwik Fit’s impressive range, you can enjoy almost unlimited choice when it comes to settling on the perfect tyres for your Audi A3. Whatever you need, and however much you plan on spending, our summer, winter, and all-season tyres have got you covered year-round. In the meantime, get to grips with our tyre tool that’ll help you find the right tyre for you.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your current tyres, you can always book your Audi A3 in for a free tyre check with Kwik Fit. Since your safety is our ultimate priority, we’ll let you know if and when you’ll need a tyre replacement. Don’t forget, we also offer a mobile tyre fitting service if you can’t get to us!

Audi A3 Brakes

If your brakes don’t work properly, you’re not only endangering yourself and your passengers but also other drivers on the road. At Kwik Fit, we take brake problems very seriously, offering a thorough brake check and replacement service.

So, if your A3 has been grinding or squeaking recently, book in for a brake check at your nearest Kwik Fit centre today.

Audi A3 Air Conditioning

Many drivers neglect their air conditioning in the winter months only to let it fall into a state of disrepair through improper use during the hot summer. For advice on air conditioning maintenance for your A3, head over to our blog. Or, if you think it’s time your vents were cleaned, book your A3 in for an air conditioning debug or refill today.

Audi A3 Check-ups

We know all too well that sometimes even regular MOTs and services can’t catch every issue with your car. In fact, there is a whole range of different ways that you can keep your Audi A3 in top condition besides from servicing.

If problems with your A3 do arise, let our team of trained technicians deal with them for you by getting in touch with your local centre. We’d be happy to help!

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