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Jack Dreyer

Jack is the newest and youngest member of the digital team here at Kwik Fit, assisting with website and blog content to ensure that our visitors are kept well informed on car maintenance and to provide useful safety advice. He currently drives a BMW 2 series and, his dream car would be an all black Mercedes G-Class.


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The Best UK Staycation Destinations

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 5th July 2022 9:30am

Camper van set up on the mountains

If youíre looking to stay in the UK this summer, read on to find out some of Kwik Fitís recommendations for thrill-seekers and laid-back travellers alike.

How to Safely Clean Car Battery Terminals

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 29th June 2022 9:00am

Car battery underneath a bonnet

Have you ever cleaned your battery terminals? Car batteries can get rather grimy and begin to corrode. It might be high time for a clean with our simple steps!

Kwik Fit Fleet @ 35

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 28th June 2022 9:15am

Kwik Fit workers

Kwik Fit Fleet is turning 35 years old. Kwik Fit's Fleet section has serviced fleets large and small across the UK, helping keep its customers and drivers safe on the road for over 35 years, from humble beginnings at St Albans, Verulam Road, Tannochside, and Letchworth.

What is regenerative braking & how does it work?

Jack Dreyer | Monday 27th June 2022 2:30pm

Underneath a car bonnet

Regenerative braking is a technology that lets you recharge your EV batteries while braking Ė but how does it work & does it mean you get an unlimited battery?

What are Cat D & C Cars? Insurance & write-offs explained

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 23rd June 2022 2:43pm

Two cars crashing into each other

Cat D & C cars are those classified before October 2017 as write-offs Ė but for different reasons. So what are write offs, when do they happen, & what next?

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