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Does My Car Need a Service?

Bradley Jando | Friday 30th July 2021 3:01pm

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Servicing your vehicle may seem like an inconvenience. In fact, 20% of drivers admit to neglecting regular maintenance and repairs. Whether owing to a lack of time or financial concerns, many drivers fail to organise regular services for their vehicles. However, 45% of drivers who skip services said they understand that avoidance will cost them more in the long run.

In this blog, we’ll explain why servicing your car can actually save you money as well as keep you safe.

Check out our other blog if you need more information on the differences between servicing and MOTs.

What Does a Service Involve?

Every Basic or Interim service should involve the following:

  • Checks for all key fluid levels (washer fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze, & steering fluid)
  • An oil and oil filter change
  • A standard visual inspection of your vehicle
  • Visual brake checks

The Different Types of Service

Aside from basic services, however, there are several different types of services available for vehicles. It is important to match the type of service to the unique needs and state of your vehicle. Perhaps the last service you had wasn’t thorough enough and missed a few faults that could end up costing you money further down the line.

At Kwik Fit, we offer Full, Interim, and Manufacturer services, bookable here. While the contents of these services will vary from vehicle to vehicle, the more expensive services generally offer more complete checks.

What are the Benefits of a Service?

Without a service, your vehicle runs a higher risk of being damaged or falling into disrepair. The performance of your vehicle may begin to deteriorate if problems are not detected for long periods of time in the absence of regular checkups. Even if the service light isn’t on, it is recommended that you shouldn’t go more than six months (or about 10,000-12,000 miles) without a service. By regularly servicing your vehicle, its overall performance is likely to improve and remain at a more constant, stable level. Factors such as fuel efficiency, brake quality, and engine performance improve with regular servicing. Overall, the trustworthiness and reliability of your vehicle will improve as potential faults will be caught before they develop into more serious issues.

Further down the line, getting regular services might save you lots of money by mitigating against a breakdown or a serious breakage. Undergoing Replacements and maintenance little and often is much more manageable than, say, an engine replacement or suspension malfunction.

One of the strongest motivators for regular service checks is to maintain the value of the vehicle. Generally, cars that have a full-service history sell much quicker and for much more than cars that don’t. If you have a PCP vehicle, then you may need to service your car regularly in line with the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV). Some dealers specify the charge-free return of PCP vehicles only stands if you’ve had the car serviced in line with your PCP contract.

What Type of Service Should You Get?

The kind of service that your vehicle requires largely depends on how long it has been since its last service and the mileage it has done. While a full service is often recommended, if you’ve recently had a service you may only need a basic service for simple troubleshooting.

Full services are only recommended every two years or 24,000 miles. However, if you drive more than 2,000 miles a month, you might need more frequent services

How and Where to Get Your Car Serviced

People often worry about getting their vehicle serviced by the manufacturer; however, no matter whether you own your car or have it on loan through PCP, you can service your vehicle at any repair centre.

You can book your service online with us here or find out more about where you can get your car serviced in our blog.

How Much Will My Service Cost?

Full services are typically the most expensive due to the increased number of checks and tweaks, but every service price varies due to the size of your vehicle’s engine and the oil it uses. You can save money on your service by combining it with an MOT. Or, check out our Service Plan to pay for your services in instalments rather than in a lump sum.

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