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How can I tell if I have a problem with my exhaust that needs attention?

One of the key parts of an exhaust is the silencer. This forces the sound waves produced by the engine through the exhaust. If the exhaust becomes corroded or there is a hole in the silencer the sound waves are no longer muffled and the exhaust will become very noisy. Another sign that the exhaust has corroded and has come away from its clamps and hangers is a rattling noise from the underside of the vehicle.

Kwik Fit recommends you have your exhaust system checked at least twice a year for issues including corrosion, cracks, broken hangers and increased levels of pollutant gasses.

What is a catalytic convertor?

A catalytic converter or CAT forms part of the exhaust system and reduces harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides escaping into the atmosphere.

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