What is Included in a Car Service?

Bradley Jando | Thursday 19th August 2021 11:59am

Mechanic servicing car under bonnet

You might have heard that as a rule of thumb, you should get an interim service every 6000 miles (or 6 months), and a full service every 12,000 miles (or every 12 months). Regular vehicle servicing is a core part of car maintenance - if you want your vehicle to last, hold value, run efficiently, and keep you safe, then you should stay on top of getting your car serviced.

But what are you actually paying for and what do services include?

Interim Service

An interim service is exactly that: a service that tides you over in the interim, in between major services. It ensures that your car is roadworthy and safe, giving you peace of mind between annual services or before a long journey, for example.

It includes interior, exterior, and under-bonnet checks, as well as a visual under-vehicle brake check.

In the interior, checks include: instruments, gauges, warning lights, horn, wipers, interior lights, seat belts, manual clutch operation, service light, and hybrid system diagnostic checks (on hybrid cars).

On the vehicle’s exterior, an interim service will check exterior lights, and the operation of doors, the boot, and the fuel cap.

Technicians will also check that steering and suspension is safe and undamaged, checking all component parts and tyres for alignment.

Under the bonnet, an interim service will check the condition of your battery, wiring, all electrics, brake fluid, and brake pipes and hoses.

Also included as standard in this service will be the replacement of engine oil and the filter, the topping up of windscreen washer fluid, a road test, and of course, a stamp in the service book!

Book your interim service online here, to reduce the risk of breakdown and maintain your car’s value..

Full Service

To put it simply, a full service includes all of the above and more! You should get a full service once a year to ensure your own safety and so that problems don’t build up and turn into holes in your pocket.

Also included in your full service is a thorough look at your engine diagnostic codes and climate control/air con system, plus checks of your power steering (and fluid top up if required), auxiliary drive belt (and adjustment if required), and radiator and coolant hoses.

The under-vehicle checks in a full service are much more thorough, including a full brake inspection, checks of fuel pipes, engine, transmission, axle Train Drive, drive shaft joints and gaiters, and the exhaust system.

As well as top-ups of your engine oil and windscreen washer fluid (included in the interim service), your air filter will be replaced in a full service as well.

To stay ahead and give your car the TLC it needs, book in your full service online here. You can also save money by booking in an annual service at the same time as your MOT.

Manufacturer Servicing

Here at Kwik Fit, we also offer manufacturer servicing. This is perfect for drivers looking to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule, as we offer a genuine and cost-effective equivalent to dealership servicing.

What’s included in a manufacturer service will therefore depend on what the vehicle manufacturer has determined.

Most importantly, we’ll provide the stamp in your service book that will uphold your warranty.

Find out more about our manufacturer servicing and what’s included here.

Servicing in Safe Hands with Kwik Fit

Whether your car needs some interim TLC, a full service, or a manufacturer service, we’re here to keep your car on the road and keep you safe.

Check out our servicing page for more information, including a checklist of what’s included in each service!

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