How to Save Money on Your Car with a Simple Subscription

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 17th January 2024 12:30pm

Person driving a car through the country side with both hands on the steering wheel.

When it comes to your vehicle, the costs can quickly add up—from fuel and maintenance to unexpected repairs. Research from the previous year shows that the cost of vehicle repairs have risen by 40% in 5 years, according to a UK-based warranty and insurance provider.

What if there was a simple solution to save money on your car expenses? Allow us to introduce you to Kwik Fit Club, our monthly car maintenance and tyre subscription service - the easy way to manage and pay for your tyres and other regular vehicle costs.

Our monthly car maintenance & tyre subscription service

Our Kwik Fit Club subscription service is designed to give you complete peace of mind, so you can focus on planning your next road trip while the technicians at Kwik Fit take care of the rest.

Fed up of paying for unexpected maintenance and repairs every year? Our Kwik Fit Club subscription allows you to pay a regular monthly amount to cover your car tyre replacements and repairs, your vehicle MOT (if applicable), and you even have the option to add an annual Full Service - helping you to get ahead of some of those niggling issues, and keep your car at its best for longer.

How Kwik Fit Club works

Kwik Fit Club is designed to make your motoring experience run as smoothly as possible. Essentially, it’s a simple monthly subscription service, allowing you to manage and pay for your tyres and other regular vehicle costs in predictable monthly payments.

Avoid unexpected bills

By spreading your costs across equal monthly payments, it allows you to avoid the unexpected costly bills that can occur when something, inevitably, goes wrong with your vehicle. Often at what can feel like the absolute most inconvenient moment!

Optional added extras

Our subscription service is committed to allowing you to choose a tailored subscription package to suit your unique needs - from tyre only subscriptions to the total package, including tyres, MOT and a full annual service.

More benefits & peace of mind

Designed to give you full peace of mind, Kwik Fit Club gives you access to two vehicle health checks per year, which, without our monthly subscription, would be a cost if you were to pay per visit.

You also get access to our Kwik Fit Club app, where you can easily manage your subscriptions and bookings - helping to make things as quick and easy for you as possible. We understand that everyone has lots going on in their day-to-day lives, so there’s no waiting on the phone trying to book appointments thanks to the Kwik Fit Club app!

Technician with gloves on removing a muddy and wet wheel from a car.

Membership package types

Our Kwik Fit Club subscriptions offer a range of membership types to suit everyone! With a number of tailored packages to suit each driver, from either Individual Club membership, available for single vehicle owners, or ‘MultiCar’ memberships, which allow you to manage your vehicles all in one place.

Once you have signed up and followed our quick and easy steps on getting a quote, you can choose to include the following services to suit your needs and driving habits:

  • Tyres only
  • Tyres and MOT
  • Tyres and Full Annual Service
  • Tyres, MOT and Full Annual Service* – our complete package

Join the Kwik Fit Club

If you want to spread the costs of your vehicle repairs and maintenance, we recommend finding out more about our Kwik Fit Club subscription online, or by visiting your local Kwik Fit store to speak to one of our experts.

Interested in learning more about our Kwik Fit Club, or more of our Kwik Fit services? Keep up with our latest Kwik Fit blogs. Or, if you’ve got any specific questions, get in touch with our friendly teams today.

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