Maintaining Your Windscreen Wipers

Jack Dreyer | Monday 7th March 2022 2:30pm

Windscreen wipers

You may not think about it very often, but windscreen wipers are one of the most important elements on a car - particularly when it comes to ensuring that youíre able to drive safely.

Fortunately there are some things that you can do to make sure your wipers are well looked after, and working as effectively as you need them to.

What wiper blades do I need?

We canít talk about windscreen wiper maintenance without addressing that you do need to make sure you use the correct windscreen wipers for your car in order for them to work at their best.

To find out what size windscreen wiper blade your particular car needs, you can check your vehicle handbook, or use our windscreen wiper tool to find the right size for your vehicle. Or, check out our blog for more information on determining what wiper blades you need.

When to replace your windscreen wipers

We generally recommend that you replace your wiper blades every 12 months to ensure they continue to provide maximum visibility. However, if your windscreen wipers are displaying any of the four Sís; streaking, skipping, splitting, or squeaking, it might be time for new wider blades.

Windscreen wiper infographic

Windscreen wiper maintenance

How to stop squeaking wiper blades

Weíve all been there - driving down the road in the rain, listening to the incessant squeaking of our windscreen wipers. But this isnít something that we just have to put up with. In fact, there are a few reasons your wiper blades might be squeaking - and lots of things you can do to help stop it.

One reason your blades may squeak is because your windscreen itself is too dirty. Particles of salt, dirt, sand, or other debris can increase friction, leading to excessive squeaking. Give your windscreen a thorough wash and dry, and then see if the noise persists.

If it does, you may have an issue with the wiper blades themselves. Over time the rubber can become brittle, or even break down, which means they wonít be working as effectively. If the rubber looks old or worn, invest in new wiper blades.

Finally, if your windscreen is clean, and the rubber of the blade looks fresh and intact, it may just be that your windscreen wipers need a good clean. Letís take a look at the best way to do this.

How to clean your wiper blades

Cleaning wiper blades takes no time at all, but it can significantly improve your safety on the road Ė and make sure that youíre able to see everything thatís happening around you.

If you find your blades are squeaking, or perhaps they just arenít clearing the screen as effectively as before, then itís time to give them a clean.

To clean your wiper blades, grab a rag or sponge, some warm soapy water - or undiluted washer fluid, if you have any to hand.

Pull the windscreen wiper arms away from the windscreen, where they should lock into position. If they donít, hold them in place while you complete your cleaning.

Wash your windscreen first to make sure that the glass is nice and clean. Then, dampen your sponge or rag in the soapy water and start gently wiping up and down the blades. Just be careful not to wipe too heavily - the rubber can be a bit fragile, and you donít want to damage it or pull it off.

Finally, donít forget to clear any dirt or debris away from the base of the wiper arms and the mechanism too, to make sure everything is ready to go again.

How to change your windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers naturally need replacing at periodic intervals due to the work they put in on a day-to-day basis and their exposure to the elements. If youíve identified that your wipers need replacing, then donít fret - this is something you can have done quickly and easily at your local centre, or if youíre confident, you can attempt it yourself.

Just make sure that youíve identified the correct type of wiper for your car, using the tool we mentioned earlier, and that you know how the release mechanism for the wipers works on your specific car.

Keep in mind that itís recommended to replace windscreen wipers in pairs, so that they experience wear and tear at the same rate.

To get some help changing your windscreen wipers, or identifying a potential issue, pop in to your nearest Kwik Fit centre or give us a call. We keep a wide range of replacement windscreen wiper blades in stock at all times, designed to fit most cars and vans, so weíre sure to be able to help.

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