New Rules Introduced for 'Smart' Car Charging Points

Jack Dreyer | Monday 25th July 2022 12:30pm

A line of green electric vehicle chargers stand in front of parking spaces waiting for use.

Electric cars are everywhere on Britain’s roads nowadays. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, over 15% of cars sold in the UK were electric. To accommodate this growing popularity, more EV chargers have been installed nationwide in both residential and commercial spaces.

However, a new law has come into effect that will control the use of these chargers by new EV drivers. If you drive an electric car and want to stay compliant, or if you’re just curious, read on to find out what these rules consist of.

What is the new EV charger law?

The law requires all new electric car charging points to be used with so-called ‘smart’ behaviour. This smart behaviour should be pre-configured on every new electric car charging point purchased and installed. But why?

Having this smart technology allows for the measurement of the following core metrics:

Under the new law, charging points should have the ability to slow down charging during periods of high grid demands. What’s more, it has been recommended that EV drivers try to avoid charging their cars at peak times such as weekdays between 8am to 11am and 4pm to 10pm.

Drivers of electric vehicles are actually encouraged to turn off their charge points completely during these peak times. This is to allow for more renewable energy to be readily available in the grid. By creating an off-peak charging schedule, EV drivers can take advantage of the cheaper tariffs overnight.

Why is the electric vehicle charging law changing?

The new rules are being put in place in an attempt to reduce the strain on the National Grid caused by careless charging behaviours. This directly follows on from the Electric Vehicles Smart Charge Points Regulations made in December of 2021. It is also hoped that the rules will help users of these charging points get the best value for money.

The new rules are also in line with the government incentive to get more electric vehicles on the UK’s roads. By 2030, the sale of new petrol & diesel cars and vans will have been stopped altogether, making EVs a more attractive option. What’s more, the government itself has pledged to install 250,000 home and public EV charging points across the UK, already having installed over 25,000.

When do the new EV charging rules begin?

These new rules began 30th of June 2022 and will affect the purchase of new charging points. However, the device-level rules for the charging points will start on the 30th of December 2022. The law will be part of the new building regulations (see Part S) that affect electric vehicle charging.

These new regulations require all new build homes and buildings to install EV charging points. Luckily for you, we’ve already covered these regulations in another of our blogs here. So, for further explanation, give that a read.

If you’re looking to purchase a new EV charger and are living in England, Scotland, or Wales, this law will directly affect you. That being said, if you've purchased an electric vehicle charging point before June 30th 2022, you will not be subjected to these regulations. The same can be said for charging points that:

A.) Are intended for public use

B.) Are rapid charge

C.) Do not have smart cables

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