Should You Replace Brake Pads & Discs at the Same Time?

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 21st April 2022 12:30pm

When it comes the time to replace your brake discs, you’re likely to be advised to refresh your brake pads at the same time. When the brake discs are showing wear, but the pads seem to be in a decent condition, this might seem like a potential waste of time and money, right?

However, replacing the brake pads, even those that aren’t fully worn down, will typically work out better in the long run. Not only will it improve safety, but it can save a much larger expense from the labour involved in making the replacement.

Read on to learn the reasons why it makes sense to change your brake pads when the discs need to be replaced.

Why replace brake pads and brake discs together?

The majority of the hassle with replacing brake pads comes from the effort of taking the wheels off and removing the calliper. This will take time and labour, particularly if it’s on an old car.

The effort of this process adds greatly to the cost of the brake pads, which are otherwise an inexpensive part. You can browse Kwik Fit’s full range of brake products here.

By replacing the brake pads at the same time as the discs, you can save yourself the future expense of the labour. If, a couple of months down the line, you have to replace your brake pads anyway, not only will you be paying for the parts, but also the added cost of the extensive labour.

Replacing the brake pads at this time will also contribute to the overall safety of the vehicle. Old pads, which are partly worn down, may even cause damage to your brand-new brake discs.

The old pads will have a marked surface caused by the pressure from the old discs. When the new brake discs are fitted, the profile of the old pads can eat away, causing damage and eventually necessitating a total replacement of both components.

With both pads and discs replaced, you can also expect a better performance from your brakes. The new parts will work together for a smooth stop. And because the brakes are in-sync, they’re less likely to vibrate when pressure is applied. So, you can brake quietly and efficiently.

Why replace brake pads in axle pairs?

When you do come to replace your brake pads, it’s important to always replace them in axle sets. Otherwise, you risk having an uneven braking performance. If one side was left worn down while the other side performed better, the vehicle could pull one way during braking.

If you have other issues with vehicle handling, you can book in for a free wheel alignment check at Kwik Fit.

Replace together for an even performance

It might not always seem necessary to replace brake pads when you're getting brake discs changed, but it tends to work out for the best.

As a general rule, it’s recommended that if your brake pads are half worn down, get them replaced at the same time as the discs.

If you have any questions about your brakes or any other part of your vehicle, get in touch with the experts at your local Kwik Fit centre.

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