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How to Find What Engine Oil Your Car Needs

Jack Dreyer | Monday 16th October 2023 2:00pm

Amber engine oil being poured into the oil reservoir.

Engine oil is indispensable – but the possible choices can be mind-boggling in the shop. Here’s what engine oil does & how to find the right one for your car.

Why is Your Engine Overheating?

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 29th August 2023 10:00am

An overheated engine smoking and steaming.

The main reason for your engine to be overheating is due to a problem in the coolant system – here are the most common problems we see & what to do about them.

What Happens When You Flood an Engine?

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 23rd May 2023 8:00am

A driver opens the bonnet of their black car to help address a flooded engine.

Flooding an engine can ruin any day but luckily, it’s fixable! Here’s how to tell if your engine is flooded, why they get flooded, & what you can do to fix it.

What to do if your car heater isn't working

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 13th October 2022 12:00pm

Hand placed near a car's heater vents to see if they're working.

While it’s normal for your air con to stop working, your car heater not working could indicate some bigger problems – here are some signs to look out for.

Everything You Need to Know About the Check Engine Light

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 27th September 2022 5:35pm

Blog banner showing a close up of a check engine light in yellow, with text showing the title of the piece.

Is there a flashing red or orange light that’s shaped like an engine on your dashboard? Find out what this means and how to respond to it in this blog.

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