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The staycation is here to stay - make sure your car doesnít ruin your holiday

Kwik Fit | Wednesday 23rd July 2014 9:00am

Loading up car for a road trip

Schoolís out for summer, which means for many itís holiday time! But with foreign holiday prices skyrocketing throughout August and many families having no alternative but to take their kids away during the summer holidays, itís no wonder that many Brits are now opting to take a staycation instead.

The term staycation (which combines the words Ďstayí and Ďvacationí) first gained prominence in 2009 when the global financial crisis was at its worst and holiday-makers tended to stay at home and visit nearby attractions rather than travel abroad for a week or two. But our latest research has found that the staycation is alive and well in Britain five years on.

In a recent poll we found that 46% of motorists will take their car on holiday this year with an estimated 13.2 million cars being used for domestic holidays in the UK in 2014.

We donít blame them, the UK has a lot to offer, and our study also found that the most popular UK destinations this year include Devon & Cornwall, Sussex & Dorset and Wales.

What was surprising though was that many motorists admitted that they do not make basic checks to their vehicle before embarking on a long journey or staycation. Despite covering significant distances in their car when holidaying in the UK, we found that one in four motorists didnít check their tyre pressure before setting off and more than half failed to ensure their tyre tread was above the legal limit. In fact, we discovered that 9% of motorists would embark on a road trip without checking anything at all.

Breaking down on the side of the motorway isnít the best way to start your holiday, and yet, if you donít carry out some basic vehicle checks before you hit the road, this is the risk you take. Here are our top 10 car maintenance checks to carry out before you leave home:

  • Check your coolant levels
  • Make sure your brake fluid is topped up
  • Check your dip stick and top up your engine oil if required
  • Be sure to refill your screenwash bottle
  • Check your tyre pressure on all tyres including the spare
  • Ensure you have adequate tread on all tyres. 1.6mm is the legal limit in the UK. If you require replacement tyres you can order new tyres online
  • Make sure all your lights are working
  • Make sure battery terminals are nice and tight and not corroded
  • Turn on your windscreen wipers to make sure your wiper blades are in good working order
  • If your car has not been serviced in a while consider booking a service before you go.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, bring your car into your nearest Kwik Fit and we will check it over for you free of charge. Our trained technicians advise on any required maintenance and ensure you set off on your staycation with complete peace of mind. Find your nearest Kwik Fit centre and pop in today.

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