Tips For Packing For The Airport Run

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 22nd March 2023 8:00am

A car boot packed with luggage for a long holiday.

Whenever it comes to the airport run, it can often feel like a mad rush to get everything packed, in the car, and safely on the road (while not forgetting the kids). But with some careful planning, you can save yourself a lot of headaches!

Here are some tips for packing for the airport run.

1. Pack bags in advance

The biggest cause of headaches is last-minute packing. There’s nothing worse than having to have left 30 minutes ago and still having to turn the house upside down to find your phone charger.

Aim to have everyone’s clothes packed and ready the weekend before, and make a list of essentials like toothbrushes, first aid kits, and electrical accessories that can be packed the day/night before you leave.

It’s important to check the weight and size restrictions of all your luggage whether it’s hold luggage or carry-on. The allowable size and weight of carry-on luggage, for example, has become much more restricted in recent years.

Be sure to also check what you’re allowed to take in luggage. The obvious restrictions still apply (no explosives or weapons) but there are also varying restrictions on what kinds of organic goods you’re allowed to travel with. So perhaps consider an alternative present for your friends than a live potted plant!

Someone packs their suitcase, neatly rolling up their clothes to fit.

2. Pack bags according to accessibility

When you’re packing, be mindful of how accessible you need items to be. Avoid packing your passports at the bottom of your largest bag, for example. The same applies for all items – things like liquids and toiletries should be at the top of bags so if they get pulled aside for security checks, the personnel don’t need to empty your whole bag.

Consider what can go in your carry-on luggage, and make sure that that valuables are secure but accessible.

3. Practice packing the car

This may seem silly but, if you’re taking a lot of luggage as well as people, it’s often worth having a good idea of how you’re going to load the car. This means stacking luggage appropriately in the boot – accounting for differences in suitcase sizes.

Doing a practice run also lets you easily find out if there’s anything in the car that can be removed to make space for the airport run!

4. Pack for the airport run

You won’t be able to take food and liquid through security but, with 2+ hour drives to the airport, packing some snacks and sandwiches for the ride saves on having to stop off for food at the airport – especially useful if you get caught in traffic and have to rush to your terminal.

5. Don’t forget car maintenance

It’s no good packing meticulously for the airport run only to get a burst tyre on the motorway. So it’s crucial to do some pre-drive checks, but to also pack some emergency essentials: make sure you have a jack, spare wheel, spare screen wash, and so on.

Need some car maintenance before your holiday?

If your car needs some TLC before the long drive, book an appointment at your local Kwik Fit – for everything from brakes to servicing, our experts have you covered.

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