7 Reasons Why Kwik Fit is the Garage of Choice

Jack Dreyer | Monday 12th February 2024 2:00pm

Kwik Fit technician inspecting an Audi in a Kwik Fit garage with another car on a ramp.

First established in 1971, it’s safe to say that Kwik Fit has become a familiar face among Britain’s retailers and vehicle maintenance brands over the years.

From our famous 'You can't get better than a Kwik Fit fitter' commercials in the 80's to our modern-day commitment to helping customers ‘Drive Away Happy Every Time', we’ve been delighting the public for decades.

But, what keeps people coming back? From our ever-expanding service offering to our sustained consideration for customer care and comfort, in this blog, we shine a spotlight on 7 reasons why Kwik Fit is the garage of choice.

1. We’re on the nation’s doorstep

Did you know that there are now well over 600 different Kwik Fit centres across the UK? That’s one centre for every two towns in Great Britain!

With that many locations, you really are never too far from a Kwik Fit, making us the convenient choice for many motorists seeking local and, often, urgent care for their cars.

Our widespread presence means that whether you require routine maintenance such as MOTs and servicing, or are seeking advice on underlying issues such as brake, battery, or exhaust problems, there’ll be a Kwik Fit within reach to help diagnose and resolve your issues.

A Kwik Fit Mobile Tyre Fitting van driving.

2. We can come to you

On the other side of the same coin, we offer unparalleled convenience in the form of our Premium Mobile Tyre Fitting service. While our centres are easy to reach, we understand that, sometimes, life gets in the way, and the time to spend on vehicle maintenance tasks often dries up. So, we introduced mobile fitting to Kwik Fit customers to allow them to get their tyres fitted at home or at work— and at a time that best suits them.

Kwik Fit customers simply have to order their tyres online (a task which can definitely be done from the comfort of their sofas or at their desk), select Kwik Fit mobile tyre fitting, and we’ll come to them.

We have mobile fitters nationwide, all with appointments available 7-days a week. We also deliver fast-fit options for business drivers in the form of our Fleet offering. This prioritisation of customer convenience is what sets us apart as the UK’s leading fast-fit provider. Ensuring the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

3. Unbeaten quality

The quality of Kwik Fit’s equipment is a huge contributing factor as to why we remain the garage of choice. We exclusively use high-quality parts that are sourced from reliable suppliers, to ensure that all of our repairs and replacements are both reliable and durable.

For one, we stock the largest range of quality tyres in the UK, with premium manufacturers from Pirelli and Continental to Dunlop and Goodyear. This extends into our vehicle accessories and minor parts too — from brakes to batteries. For two, we are aligned with manufacturer best practices and servicing schedules for all the models and makes of vehicles we work on.

As an example, our Manufacturer servicing options draw extensively on the servicing schedules from car manufacturers. Why? We believe that excellent vehicle maintenance standards and parts should not just be accessible from manufacturers — but everywhere.

And, the law agrees with us. Back in 2002, the European Parliament deemed the practice of manufacturers forcing car owners to go to dealerships to get a service to uphold their warranty was too restrictive. So, now all manufacturers must make available the service schedules and onboard computer information to all garages — and we follow these down to a T.

Kwik Fit technician inspecting a tyre with a light underneath a car on a ramp.

4. Sustained innovation

As one of the UK’s leading automotive parts and repairs retailers, we keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to innovation. Our teams make sure to keep ahead of the curve for any advancements in vehicular technology such as TPMS, driving data, and automated driving.

This forward-thinking approach has been a core value of ours since the start. As an example, we were one of the first retailers to introduce an integrated stock and sales system in 1981. Similarly, we enacted a multi-million-pound investment in touch screen technology back in 2002 to elevate the experience in our centres.

In recent years, however, the most significant advancement has taken the form of electric vehicles. Since the 2010s, electric vehicles have been gradually transitioning from a buzzword to a palpable reality and, in that time, we’ve been transitioning too. Keeping up with the rapid evolutions in EV technology, costs, driving, and charging, we’ve adapted our service offering to make sure that we’re able to support all our customers — whatever their choice of powertrain.

That’s why, we now offer reliable electric vehicle servicing, electric vehicle tyres, and a steady stream of expert advice about EVs so that our customers can learn more about them. With Kwik Fit, you’re guaranteed a thorough service, whether you drive a fresh-out-the-factory hybrid or a second-hand Volvo that’s older than you are.

5. A brand you can rely on

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, Kwik Fit has well and truly established itself as a brand you can rely on — and not just because we’re familiar.

We hold ourselves to a series of strict standards internally and externally to make sure that our customers can always feel confident entrusting their vehicles to us for repair or maintenance.

First rolled out in 1981, the Kwik Fit Code of Practice is a unique initiative that details what customers can expect from our centres and services, and it remains central to our daily operation even now. Aside from our code, however, we also have a sturdy set of values that we follow, which include:

  • Treating customer vehicles with care
  • Ensuring vehicles are inspected by a trained and qualified member of staff
  • Giving an honest appraisal of the work required
  • Documenting all of our findings
  • Making recommendations based on our inspections, knowledge, experience, and your usage factors, but always with what’s best for the customer in mind
  • Informing customers immediately of any complications or delays
  • Ensuring all work is Quality Checked
  • Where possible, showing customers all the work that has been carried out
  • Retaining all parts removed for customer inspection should they wish to do so
  • And more

Kwik Fit technician with clear protective glasses on.

7. Skilled technicians

Did you know that the Kwik Fit apprenticeship scheme has been judged by Ofsted to be ‘Outstanding’?

What sets us apart from other garages is our commitment to ensuring that each and every one of our staff — apprentice or otherwise — is armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to work on vehicles to the highest standard.

Not only are we an approved ATA (Automotive Technician Accreditation) test centre, but there are ATA sessions running every month for Kwik Fit staff. We invest heavily in our employee training programmes, as well as processes such as quality assurance. All our staff receive industry-leading training when they first join us and this continues throughout their career

What’s more, our centre teams are supported by a network of Master Technicians who are responsible for diagnosing and resolving even the most challenging and time-sensitive of problems on today’s vehicles.

8. We move with the times

While Kwik Fit may have been established over 50 years ago, the Kwik Fit of today certainly isn’t the same as in 1971.

Aside from our continued growth and expansion across the UK, we have changed with the times, listening to our customers and using their feedback to evolve into a flexible, dynamic organisation in tune with what the nation’s motorists need most.

Perhaps the most successful example of such dynamism is our recent expansion into cycle repairs through a partnership with bike repair specialists, Fettle. With more places operating Clean Air Zones around city centres and further urban areas set to follow suit, more and more people are using bicycles.

So, we teamed up with Fettle to offer bicycle and electric bike repair right in our centres – giving customers the ease, access, and dependable customer service of their local Kwik Fit centre while getting the expertise of bike specialists.

Keeping the country moving for over 50 years

Roger Griggs, Communications Director of Kwik Fit, reflects on why he thinks the nation’s motorists choose Kwik Fit time and time again:

“We know that motorists have lots of choice over who to trust with their car maintenance and that many factors influence their decision. We are proud that the service we have been offering for more than five decades has led to many motorists coming back to us year after year, entrusting us to help keep them safe on the roads. We have never taken the relationship with our customers for granted and work tirelessly to meet their needs, both in the products we provide and the service we offer. It’s through getting that combination right that has made us the market leader, and as vehicle technology has changed, we have evolved to ensure we continue to provide a premium professional service, both today and in the future.”

Choose Kwik Fit today

We’re proud to have been delivering excellence to the UK’s motorists for over half a century — growing and innovating all the time — and we look forward to seeing where Kwik Fit goes next. So, whether you’re looking for a free battery health check or a new set of premium tyres, choose a garage you can rely on — choose Kwik Fit.

For more information about our services and operations, get in touch with our team or browse our About Us page or blog.

Any facts, figures and prices shown in our blog articles are correct at time of publication.

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