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How long does it take to stop? Winter stopping distances revealed

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 22nd January 2019 10:05am

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As the colder months start creeping in, Britain is often hit with a variety of weather conditions, and itís often surprising how badly prepared we are for this. A typical winter week can consist of rain, snow, ice, and sun, so itís important to not only prepare your car and tyres for this but also know what to expect when driving in terms of stopping distances on the roads Ė especially motorways when driving at a higher speed.

It takes 23 meters to react and brake in dry conditions at 30mph. At the average speed limit on a motorway of 70mph, itíd take 96 meters to stop at this speed in these conditions. With this in mind, itís important to make sure you leave enough room between you and the car in front when driving at high speeds, to ensure there is a safe distance when needing to react and brake.

dry weather stopping distances

So, with winter causing many surprises in terms of weather conditions, we take a look at what you need to be looking out for when needing to stop in rainy conditions and snowy/icy weather.

If you are driving in the rain, you need to give TWICE the distance between you and the car in front when it comes to instantly stopping at any speed. For example, if youíre driving at 70mph on the motorway, instead of 96 meters stopping distance, this will take 192 meters from start to finish. As the average British speed limit is 30mph, it will take 36 meters to stop in wet weather conditions. It is important to make sure you have your tyres checked for tyre treads and pressures so they are ready for all weather types.

wet weather stopping distances

Itís important to know that when you are driving in snowy or icy conditions, the stopping distance compared to dry weather is a MASSIVE 10 times longer. We donít ever recommend driving at 70mph when the weather is like this, but what this means is that if you were driving at 70mph, it would take a staggering 771 meters to stop. Even at the speed of 20mph, it would take 120 meters to stop, so itís important to be extra vigilant in snow/icy conditions, leave a distance between the cars in front and make sure you have the correct winter tyres in preparation for all weather conditions.

icy weather stopping distances

Do you feel you are ready to drive in all winter conditions? Watch our full #StoppingDistance video below and let us know on Twitter @Kwik_Fit.

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