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Kwik Fit | Friday 17th October 2014 9:00am

Goodyear Ultragrip in snow

It wasn’t too long ago that we were basking in the sunshine, but as the temperature continues to drop, your summer tyres, which served so well during the hotter months, may not be so effective. Even with brand new summer tyres, when the temperature drops below 7ºC your tyre compound will harden giving you less grip on the road which means your stopping distance could increase by 25%.

With the cold setting in, now is the perfect time to order your winter tyres. But if you think winter tyres are simply for driving in the snow, you’d be wrong. Winter tyres have fantastic safety and handling benefits when driving in all winter conditions including frost, ice, slush and even rain if the temperature is below 7ºC.

Winter tyres have a different tread compound to summer tyres which contains more natural rubber so that it does not harden when it's cold. This ensures that the tyre stays flexible in low winter temperatures which helps to grip the road and reduce your stopping distance.

At 20mph, winter tyres would stop 11 metres shorter on icy roads*

stopping distances, summer vs winter tyres on icy roads

When the temperature drops below 7ºC, braking distances are noticeably better even on wet roads when on winter tyres*

Stopping distance summer vs winter tyres on wet roads

* Source: Continental - summer tyres vs winter tyres

At Kwik Fit, we now have in-stock winter tyres from major tyre manufacturers including Goodyear, Pirelli and Continental for all major makes and models whether you drive a car, light commercial vehicle, 4x4 or SUV. And if you don’t have adequate space to store your summer tyres at home our ‘Tyre Hotel’ can store them for you. Kwik Fit will label up your tyres and they will be safely stored until you make an appointment to refit them next year. We will contact you to arrange the ‘swap’ back the following season. Ask your local Kwik Fit centre manager for details.

Buy winter tyres online for your vehicle now. And, for any questions you may have about your tyres — all-season or otherwise — get in touch with the experts at Kwik Fit.

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