How Much Does It Cost To Regas Your Aircon?

Bradley Jando | Friday 13th August 2021 3:57pm

Air Conditioning In Car

Oh, air con. If your car has it, you’ll probably never be willing to return to a car that doesn’t. And if your car doesn’t have air con at all, well, those summer drives to the beach can get pretty unbearable. Not to mention the fact that your air conditioning is a very effective demister on cold mornings.

If you can believe it, the first air conditioned cars appeared in 1939, and it was popularised in the 1950s, with over half of cars produced by 1969 being equipped with air conditioning. It might come as a surprise that something that was invented so long ago is still not present in about 25% of cars.

For the 75% that do have air conditioned cars, running out can be a bit of a shock to the system! If your car runs out of air con, it’s time to book in for a regas.

But how much does it cost?

Air Con Regas Prices

It can cost anywhere between around £50 and £200 to get your air con regassed, depending on your system and where you get it done.

Most cars in the UK use one of two types of refrigerant in their air con systems - R134A and R1234YF. This refrigerant gas is what keeps the whole system working and your air con blowing out cold air, so if you notice your air con isn’t doing what it should, it’s likely that your refrigerant needs refilling.

To find out which type of refrigerant your car uses, you can type in your registration number on our air conditioning tool. As a rule of thumb, vehicles manufactured before 2014 will use R134A, while vehicles manufactured after January 2017 will use the more eco-friendly R1234YF.

The pricing depends on the refrigerant; with Kwik Fit, for R134A gas the cost to recharge is £64.95, and for R1234YF gas the cost is £129.95 to recharge*.

You can book in to have your air conditioning regassed here.

How Do I Know if My Air Con Needs Regassing?

Driver placing hand in front of air con vent to test for cold air

While manufacturers recommend you get your air conditioning refilled every 2 years, it’s perfectly likely that you will run out sooner if you use it regularly.

You’ll know it needs regassing if it doesn’t work consistently or if it blows out warm air - getting it refilled in this case will also help you save on fuel as the system won’t have to work so hard to blow cold air.

However, if you have consistent issues with your air con or find it runs out soon after regassing, it might be that there’s another problem with the system.

If this is the case, book in for a free air conditioning check so that one of our technicians can diagnose the problem.

Stay Cool With a Kwik Fit Air Con Recharge

As well as running out of refrigerant, there are other reasons why your air con might not be up to scratch.

It’s possible that if your vents emit a bad odour, your car could benefit from an air con cleaning service, cleaning out any bacteria, fungi, or mould that may have built up over time. Find out more about our air con debugging service here.

To ensure your air con runs as efficiently as possible, book in for our recharge service.

* prices correct at time of publication

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