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What is Bumper PayLater?

We know car repairs can be unexpected, but with Bumper, you can repair now and pay later. Bumper is a way of splitting the cost of your car repairs into smaller interest-free monthly payments. You can choose to pay in either 3 or 6 instalments so you can keep control of your car finances.

How do I apply?

It’s easy, if you spend £60 or more on an online transaction from www.kwik-fit.com, you can choose the ‘Buy Now Pay later option when selecting your payment method during checkout. You’ll be asked to provide a few simple details and approval takes less than 30 seconds, plus it won’t affect your credit score.

How does Bumper PayLater work?

Once your application has been accepted and you have selected to pay in either 3 or 6 instalments, simply continue with your purchase and pay for your first instalment. You will then be sent a confirmation email from Bumper with details of your Bumper agreement and payment dates. Bumper will then send you a reminder email 3 days before each payment is withdrawn from your account so there’s no nasty surprises.

Is Bumper PayLater a form of credit?

PayLater is a form of credit. You must be certain you can meet all payments and terms and conditions apply. Bumper is available to UK residents only who are 18+. No fees, interest, or other charges, however a one-off missed payment fee (£12) may be charged. Missed payments may impact your credit score and your ability to borrow in the future. Recovering missed payments may involve using a debt collection agency, or legal action. Bumper isn’t regulated by the FCA.

Can I choose how many instalments to pay back?

Yes, you can choose to pay in either 3 or 6 monthly instalments when you buy online at www.kwik-fit.com. The first payment will be taken immediately and you can choose the day of the month your second payment and subsequent payments will be debited.

Are there any restrictions?

Bumper is available on all products and services purchased at www.kwik-fit.com when you spend £60 or more with the exception of mobile fitting. Kwik Fit Mobile bookings are not currently included in the Bumper Buy Now Pay Later scheme but we are working to include this as soon as possible.

Can I make a change to my Bumper PayLater payments?

Yes, if you have a query about your Bumper Buy Now Pay later Payments or would like to change your payment method please contact Bumper on 0800 612 0946 or email support@bumper.co.uk.

What if I miss an instalment?

Bumper understands that sometimes things can go wrong and they are here to help you.

Bumper may charge a £12 fee if you miss one or more payments of your plan. If you think you are at risk of missing any of your payments, please contact Bumper on 0800 612 0946 or email support.bumper.co.uk and the team will do their best to help you.

What is the cost of choosing Bumper PayLater to pay for my vehicle maintenance?

If you decide to buy now and pay later with Bumper, there’s no cost to you at all and there’s no interest to pay on your repayments. Bumper is a hassle-free way of breaking your vehicle maintenance costs into monthly payments.

Is a credit check required to pay by Bumper PayLater?

Bumper will perform a soft credit check when you apply for Buy Now Pay Later credit. This will not affect your credit score.

Bumper is obligated to make regular reports about the status of agreed payment plans. Therefore, these plans will show in your report. This can help to build your credit score as long as you are up to date with your payments.

What do I do if I am unsuccessful in applying for credit from Bumper?

Even if your Bumper application is turned down, you will be returned to your basket where you can choose a different payment method if you would like to proceed with your purchase.

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