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FAQ Mobile Tyre Fitting

FAQ Mobile Tyre Fitting

Are Kwik Fit mobile tyre fitters able to balance my wheels?

Yes. Our mobile tyre fitting vehicles are equipped with up-to-date computerised wheel balancers designed specifically for mobile use. We use lead free clip-on balance weights and adhesive weights for alloy wheels. Find out more about wheel balancing on our dedicated page.

Can Kwik Fit Mobile tyre fitters repair punctured tyres?

Kwik-Fit will only repair tyres in accordance with British standards (BSAU159) for safety. Rest assured, however, if a tyre is able to be successfully repaired and reused, we will happily do so.

How much space does the Kwik Fit Mobile fitter require in order to work on my vehicle?

Very little, we frequently work on vehicles parked in fairly tight car parks. Generally speaking, if there is enough room on each side to fully open the door and enter the vehicle, we will be able to proceed.

I have a caravan. The wheels have Tyron bands fitted. Are you able to change the tyres?

Yes. All our mobile technicians are experts at the safe removal and replacement of Tyron bands. Kwik Fit Mobile will come to your home or another agreed location to fit your caravan tyres and tyron bands.

I have an inclined gravelled driveway, can a Kwik Fit Mobile fit tyres on this surface?

Yes, in most circumstances. If there is any doubt as to the suitability of a surface in terms of safety, we will ask to move the vehicle to a more suitable area.

I have made a mobile tyre fitting booking but need to change the appointment time and/or date. Is this OK?

Of course, we accept that everyone's plans can change unexpectedly and will be happy to accommodate any changes you may need to make to your booking. We only ask you to give us as much notice as possible in order for us to plan rerouting or book another customer into your original time slot. Please call 0330 123 1534 to alter your booking.

I have suffered a blow out on the road and require immediate attention. Do you offer an emergency roadside service?

Unfortunately not, the nature of our service is such that our mobile tyre fitting vehicles usually have a pre-planned route to adhere to. If there is any way possible for us to get to you, however, we will always try.

Is there anywhere that Kwik Fit Mobile tyre fitters canít fit tyres?

Only places that represent a danger to you, our technicians, or members of the public, and areas that may restrict access for emergency service vehicles. If in any doubt as to the suitability of a location, our technician will inform you and request that your vehicle be moved accordingly.

What if I have a problem with my mobile booking?

Contact Customer Service on 0800 425262 so that we can offer assistance to you.

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