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FAQ Servicing And MOT

FAQ Servicing And MOT

What happens if my car fails its MOT?

If a vehicle fails its MOT, it does not meet legal requirements and must be repaired to comply with MOT test standards. The MOT report will detail notes on the failure as well as advisory items that are suggested for attention but not yet outside of the parameters required to pass the test. Please note that some Kwik Fit centres may be unable to carry out the necessary repair work required for your vehicle to pass its MOT.

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What do I do if I feel that my vehicle has been incorrectly failed for its MOT?

If you feel that your vehicle has been incorrectly failed, DVSA suggest that you should first discuss the situation with the MOT testing station. This will give them to opportunity to explain why the vehicle has failed and make redress if they've made an error. If you are still unhappy and it is within 14 days of the failure, you can obtain an appeal form (VT17) from the testing station or from DVSA's website and submit this.

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Do you carry out Class 7 MOTs?

Yes, a growing number of Kwik Fit centres including the majority of Kwik Fit Plus centres, have been equipped with five tonne lifts for vehicles weighing 3000-3500kg allowing us carry out Class 7 MOTs at these centres. Please check with you local centre before making a booking.

How do I claim an MOT re-test free of charge?

The DVSA stipulates that there are only two sets of re-test circumstances where the price for a re-test is zero.

  1. If the vehicle has failed the MoT and is left at the Testing Station for repair and re-test and does not leave the Testing Station, then the re-test is free.
  2. If the vehicle fails because of one or more specific items listed here, provided the vehicle is returned for re-test by the end of the next working day, then no fee applies.

Speak to the centre manager where your MOT was carried out if you feel you fall into either of the above MOT free re-test criteria

How is my service price calculated?

The quote you receive for your service is based on two factors – the size of your engine and the recommended type of oil for your vehicle. Servicing of vehicles requiring synthetic or specialist oils will be slightly more expensive and larger engines require more oil.

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What is a Kwik Fit Master Technician?

Kwik Fit Master Technicians are specialists in their field and trained to leading industry standards. They can be called in to deal with more complex issues that arise on today's modern vehicles. They are able to carry out work relating to diagnostics, sensors, electrical work, advanced brakes, ignition and steering. If your vehicle requires work carried out by a Kwik Fit master technician then please contact your local centre who will be able to book this for you.

What is an MOT Test?

Once a car is 3 years old or more, you are required by law to have an annual safety check otherwise known as the MOT test. The purpose of an MOT test is to ensure a vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law.

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What is covered under my Service Care policy?

Please refer to our Service Care information page for further details.

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What is different about manufacturer servicing?

Manufacturer servicing is carried out to the specification of the vehicle’s manufacturer and therefore maintains your vehicle’s warranty. The service plan is specific to your car’s make, model age and mileage for those keen to follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. No need to go to a dealership - a manufacturer service from Kwik Fit will give you a valid stamp in your log book and upholds your warranty.

Manufacturer service pricing depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Contact your local Kwik Fit servicing centre to get a quotation today.

What is included in my service?

Both our interim service and full service include essential checks, fluid level top ups and an oil and oil filter replacement. In addition, our full service includes additional checks including wheel alignment, wheel bearing and wheel balancing inspections plus the replacement of air filters. Select further information to view a full list of items included in each service package.

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What is tested during the MOT Test?

The MOT test ensures a vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law. Select further information to view a full list of the components that are tested as part of the MOT test.

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What is the difference between an interim service and a full service?

A full service is ideal for an annual maintenance programme for your car and is recommended every 12,000 miles or 12 months - whichever is sooner. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent checks. Interim servicing is ideal for vehicles used for short, mainly urban journeys or for those who wish to service vehicles doing very high mileage more regularly. An interim service every 6,000 miles or 6 months helps keep your car safe and road worthy between full services.

What is the price difference between booking an MOT online and booking at the centre?

The price of an MOT may vary online to your local Kwik Fit centre. The price of a standalone MOT starts from £27 online. Additional savings can be made if you book your MOT at the same time as a Service. The price of an MOT in centre will vary depending on location (up to £54.85) and any offers they may currently be running.

When does my car need an MOT?

It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that their car has an MOT test every 12 months. A vehicle can have an MOT test up to 28 days in advance of its due date, without a valid MOT certificate driving a vehicle will be illegal and you will be unable to renew your vehicle's tax disc. A vehicle only requires an MOT once it is three years old.

Why am I paying for different oil to be used in my vehicle?

Different vehicles require different oil. Our system chooses the correct oil required for your type of vehicle as per the manufacturer's specification.

Why do I have to pay for an MOT retest?

The MOT retest is only free if one of the following conditions stipulated by the DVSA is met:

  1. If the vehicle has failed the MOT and is left at the Testing Station for repair and re-test and does not leave the Testing Station, then the re-test is free.
  2. If the vehicle fails because of one or more items on the list of specific items within the link below, provided the vehicle is returned for re-test by the end of the next working day, then no fee applies.
  3. You will otherwise have to pay for your retest.

Why is my hybrid vehicle not listed when trying to make an online booking?

We are not currently able to service hybrid vehicles of any type or supply batteries for hybrid vehicles. However, we can perform MOT's and various repairs. Please speak to your local centre to find out what work can be done.

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