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What happens if my car fails its MOT check?

If a vehicle fails its MOT, it does not meet legal requirements and must be repaired to comply with MOT testing standards. The MOT report will detail notes on the failure as well as advisory items that are suggested for attention but not yet outside of the parameters required to pass the test. Please note that some Kwik Fit centres may be unable to carry out the necessary repair work required for your vehicle to pass its MOT. It’s best to check when booking by calling your local branch.

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What do I do if I feel that my vehicle has been incorrectly failed for its MOT?

If you feel that your vehicle has been incorrectly failed, DVSA suggest that you should first discuss the situation with the MOT testing station. This will give them to opportunity to explain why the vehicle has failed and make redress if they've made an error. If you are still unhappy and it is within 14 days of the failure, you can obtain an appeal form (VT17) from the testing station or from DVSA's website and submit this.

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Are tyre pressures checked in MOT?

Not exactly. Tyre pressure itself isn’t covered, but if a tyre has damage that is releasing pressure then the tyre could fail the MOT. Moreover, cars manufactured since 2012 have been legally required to have a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and if this is faulty then it will also receive a major or dangerous MOT test fault.

Are you notified when your first MOT is due?

You may be notified by your dealer or manufacturer, but it is your responsibility to check when the renewal date is and book an appointment with an approved MOT testing centre. If you’re worried about forgetting, you can use our free MOT reminder service to notify you when you’re near your MOT renewal date.

Can a car pass an MOT with a warning light on?

No. Warning lights show when something needs urgent attention – so things such as improper engine oil level, or degraded battery condition will fail your MOT test. Your warning lights need to be functioning properly too, and testers will be able to test that the sensors are functioning as intended.

Can cameras catch you with no MOT?

Yes. A number of cameras on roads use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. Because the pass or failure of MOT testing is kept on an online database, the cameras are able to automatically detect cars driving without valid MOT certificates and notify relevant police or government services. Driving without a valid MOT certificate can also make you liable for a fine of up to £2500 and three points on your licence.

Can you insure a car without MOT?

No, it is not possible to insure or tax a car that does not have a valid MOT. With many insurance companies, driving without an MOT can also make your existing insurance policy invalid, even if it was insured prior to the old MOT running out. It is worth booking your MOT check before your old one runs out to avoid unnecessary difficulties. To book your MOT test at your nearest Kwik Fit centre click below:

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Can you MOT a car early?

Yes you can. An MOT inspection can be carried out up to 28 days before the previous certificate expires. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out on the days in between, your new MOT expiry date will remain the same as it is on your previous certificate, just one year on. This means your new MOT can essentially be valid for 13 months if you take your test 28 days before your current one expires. To book your next MOT please click the button below.

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Can you repair a tyre with a nail in it?

Yes, we offer a tyre repair service for punctures in the ‘minor repair area’. For punctures close to or on the sidewall of the tire, a replacement tyre is needed for safety. Due to the way they’re manufactured, we also can’t repair run-flat tyres safely.

Can you reset my oil warning light?

The oil warning light illuminates when the oil level is too low. By replacing or topping up your engine oil the oil warning light should automatically turn off without the need to use diagnostics equipment. When you bring your vehicle to Kwik Fit for an oil change or a service, our technicians will ensure the oil warning light is not illuminated before returning your vehicle.

The engine oil level warning light is typically amber or red and depicts an oil can with a drip of oil coming from the spout.

Do Kwik Fit do home visits?

At present, we are only able to do mobile tyre fitting. This is because Full and Interim Services often require the use of our car lifts for safe operation. If you require mobile tyre fitting, visit this page.

Do you carry out Class 7 MOTs?

Yes, a growing number of Kwik Fit centres including the majority of Kwik Fit Plus centres, have been equipped with five tonne lifts for vehicles weighing 3000-3500kg allowing us carry out Class 7 MOTs at these centres. Please check with your local centre before making a booking – you’ll need your vehicle’s registration number, as well as information on its weight, length, and height.

How do I claim an MOT re-test free of charge?

The DVSA stipulates that there are only two sets of re-test circumstances where the price for a re-test is zero.

  1. If the vehicle has failed the MoT and is left at the Testing Station for repair and re-test and does not leave the Testing Station, then the re-test is free.
  2. If the vehicle fails because of one or more specific items, provided the vehicle is returned for re-test by the end of the next working day, then no fee applies.

Speak to the centre manager where your MOT was carried out if you feel you fall into either of the above MOT free re-test criteria

For a full list of the items you can claim a free retest on before the end of the next working day, select 'further information' below.

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How early can I tax my car?

If you’re going to be away when your car tax is due for renewal, such as being on holiday, you can renew your tax online up to two months early through this link.

How is my service price calculated?

The quote you receive for your service is based on two factors – the size of your engine and the recommended type of oil for your vehicle. Servicing of vehicles requiring synthetic or specialist oils will be slightly more expensive and larger engines require more oil.

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How long is an MOT certificate valid for?

A standard MOT test is valid for 12 months from the date the test occurs. There is an exception to this; if a test is booked early then it may be valid for longer. A vehicle can be booked in for MOT testing up to 28 days ahead of the due date for its previous MOT. If an MOT test is booked early then the renewal date will apply from the old due date, so by booking 28 days ahead an MOT can essentially last 13 months.

How much does a failed MOT test cost?

The cost of a re-test may be free if your vehicle remains on the garage premises until repairs are made. Otherwise it’s likely to be the full cost that the garage charges for MOT testing. This, however, is not the full cost of a failed MOT test as you often need to pay for repairs in the areas that failed the MOT in the first place. This can vary greatly depending on what was at fault.

How much does it cost for a puncture repair?

It’s possible to use a puncture repair kit at home, but we recommend you reserve this for emergency situations. Our puncture repair service is available at centres from just £27.50 per tyre if tyre puncture meets the safety requirements.

How much MOT do I need to have left in order to tax my car?

You simply need a valid MOT certificate in order to tax your car – the amount of time left on it is irrelevant, as you’ll need to renew the MOT regardless (unless you are registering it as SORN).

Is it illegal to not service your car?

No, it’s not illegal to not service your car. However, if you have a new or approved used car then missing a service may void any warranties you have – it’s best to check with your manufacturer and/or dealer. If your car needs a service, go with someone you can rely on – get in touch with your local Kwik Fit garage.

Is there a grace period for Car Tax?

Not any more. There used to be a five-day grace period when paper discs were in use in order to allow time for the new disc to arrive in the post. But – as tax is now completed online – there is no need for a grace period.

Is there a grace period for MOT?

Not usually. You must have a valid MOT certificate at all times when driving on the roads. In order to not be caught out, you’re able to book an MOT appointment up to a month before your renewal date while still keeping your original renewal date.

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has issued an extension for MOT certificates by six months – this covers all MOT certificates that were due to expire between 30th Math and 31st July 2020. So if your MOT was due to expire on the 31st July, you would have until the 31st December to renew it.

Should I get a service before an MOT?

It’s not a legal requirement, but is a really good idea if you want to pass the MOT with fewer hitches. A regular service is also a great way to generally keep your car in good condition. See our servicing options here.

What can fail an MOT?

During an MOT the nominated tester will inspect all areas of a car to ensure that it is safe and legal for road use. Tests and inspections will include the following areas:

  • Registration Plate
  • Lights
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Wipers and Washer Bottle
  • Windscreen
  • Horn
  • Seatbelts
  • Seats
  • Fuel System
  • Emissions
  • Bodywork
  • Doors
  • Mirror
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Brakes

There are a number of faults that could cause a vehicle to fail for any of these areas, for full information please click below:

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What do I need to do before an MOT test?

There are a few simple things that are helpful to do before an MOT test: Clean the interior of your car, make sure there are no obstructions to viewing (such as dash cams or sat navs), and check your car’s fluid levels. For a full list of pre-MOT checks you can do yourself, read this article.

What do the first 3 digits of a VIN mean?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-digit code that is used in the same way that a name would be. It can tell you a number of things about your car. The first three digits tell you information about the location and manufacturer of your car (otherwise known as the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI):

  • The first digit (or letter) tells you the country of origin.
  • The second digit or letter tells you the manufacturer.
  • The third digit or letter tells you the model of your car.

This wikibooks article is a great breakdown of all the WMI codes.

What do the last 6 digits of a VIN mean?

The last six digits of a VIN is simply a production number. Each car receives one as it’s being assembled. It doesn’t mean anything other than the identifier for your particular car.

What does MOT stand for?

Despite ‘MOT’ being an everyday term, and a test that almost all cars go through annually, it is surprising to see that most people do not know what the abbreviation stands for. The abbreviation ‘MOT’ dates back to 1960, and actually stands for Ministry of Transport; the government department responsible for carrying out MOT testing when they were first introduced.

What is a Class 4 vehicle?

The MOT Class 4 is the class of vehicles that most drivers use. Essentially, Class 4 vehicles are personal passenger vehicles with 12 seats or fewer and also under 3000kg gross weight. You can read all about vehicle classes in our article here.

What is a Kwik Fit Master Technician?

Kwik Fit Master Technicians are specialists in their field and trained to leading industry standards. They can be called in to deal with more complex issues that arise on today's modern vehicles. They are able to carry out work relating to diagnostics, sensors, electrical work, advanced brakes, ignition and steering. If your vehicle requires work carried out by a Kwik Fit master technician then please contact your local centre who will be able to book this for you.

What is an MOT Test?

Once a car is 3 years old or more, you are required by law to have an annual safety check otherwise known as the MOT test. The purpose of an MOT test is to ensure a vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law.

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What is covered under my Service Plan policy?

Please refer to our Service Plan information page for further details.

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What is different about manufacturer servicing?

Manufacturer servicing is carried out to the specification of the vehicle’s manufacturer and therefore maintains your vehicle’s warranty. The service plan is specific to your car’s make, model age and mileage for those keen to follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. No need to go to a dealership - a manufacturer service from Kwik Fit will give you a valid stamp in your log book and upholds your warranty.

Manufacturer service pricing depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Contact your local Kwik Fit servicing centre to get a quotation today.

What is included in my service?

Both our interim service and full service include essential checks, fluid level top ups and an oil and oil filter replacement. In addition, our full service includes additional checks including wheel alignment, wheel bearing and wheel balancing inspections plus the replacement of air filters. Select further information to view a full list of items included in each service package.

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What is tested during the MOT Test?

The MOT test ensures a vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law. Select further information to view a full list of the components that are tested as part of the MOT test.

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What is the difference between an interim service and a full service?

A full service is ideal for an annual maintenance programme for your car and is recommended every 12,000 miles or 12 months - whichever is sooner. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent checks. Interim servicing is ideal for vehicles used for short, mainly urban journeys or for those who wish to service vehicles doing very high mileage more regularly. An interim service every 6,000 miles or 6 months helps keep your car safe and road worthy between full services.

What is the fine for no MOT?

The current penalty for driving without an MOT is up to £1,000, but if your vehicle is considered dangerous or ‘unroadworthy’ then this can rise to up to £2,500. The MOT status of all registered UK vehicles is kept in a computer database and shared with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, used in police cars and traffic cameras, so offenders driving without an MOT are very likely to be caught. If your MOT is close to expiring why not ensure your safety and avoid fines by booking in for a test with Kwik Fit:

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What is the price difference between booking an MOT online and booking at the centre?

The price of an MOT may vary online to your local Kwik Fit centre. The price of a standalone MOT starts from £37 online. Additional savings can be made if you book your MOT at the same time as a Service. The price of an MOT test in centre will vary depending on location (up to £54.85) and any offers they may currently be running.

When does a car need an MOT?

Most cars require an MOT every 12 months and must pass to remain road legal, however, there are some exceptions to this rule. Brand new cars are not required to take an MOT test until they are 3 years old, from which point they will require an MOT every year like other cars. The only exception to MOTs is a car that is over 40 years old; these cars are MOT exempt but must still be kept in a roadworthy condition. Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to £2,500.

When does my car need an MOT?

It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that their car has an MOT test every 12 months. A vehicle can have an MOT test up to 28 days in advance of its due date, without a valid MOT certificate driving a vehicle will be illegal and you will be unable to renew your vehicle's tax disc. A vehicle only requires an MOT once it is three years old.

When is a car MOT exempt?

All cars between the age of 3 and 40 years old require an annual MOT to qualify as road legal. Brand new cars are exempt from any need for an MOT for their first 3 years. While cars over the age of 40 do not require an annual MOT, they are still required to be in a roadworthy condition, the responsibility for which will sit with the owner. Even if a car is MOT exempt a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points can be issued if it is deemed to be in a dangerous condition.

Why am I paying for different oil to be used in my vehicle?

Different vehicles require different oil. Our system chooses the correct oil required for your type of vehicle as per the manufacturer's specification.

Why is my hybrid vehicle not listed when trying to make an online booking?

We are not currently able to service hybrid vehicles of any type or supply batteries for hybrid vehicles. However, we can perform MOT's and various repairs. Please speak to your local centre to find out what work can be done.

Will a crack on the windscreen fail an MOT?

A crack or chip larger than 10mm in the 290mm area in front of the driver (zone A) will fail an MOT. Similarly, a crack or chip larger than 40mm anywhere else will also fail an MOT test. It’s wise to have chips repaired as soon as possible and is an inexpensive repair and will certainly be less money than the cost of a new windscreen and an MOT re-test.

Will a nail in a tyre fail an MOT?

It depends. An object in a tyre wall can be very dangerous, so what level of fault you receive will be dependent on the extent of damage. If a nail or screw is in the tyre tread (what’s known as the ‘minor repair area’ then it can be repaired and – for safety – should be repaired before an MOT. It’s an inexpensive fix at £25 per repair.

Even if the nail is stopping the hole it has created, any foreign objects embedded in your tyres will be cause for MOT testing faults because they will degrade the tyre over time. In the case of objects like nails, they could also cause worse damage to your hubs – or even tyre blowouts.

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