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New Rules Introduced for 'Smart' Car Charging Points

Jack Dreyer | Monday 25th July 2022 12:30pm

A line of green electric vehicle chargers stand in front of parking spaces waiting for use.

A new rule has come into force requiring EV charging points to be fitted with Ďsmartí technology to measure usage. Read on to find out more about this change.

Why People Arenít Buying New Cars Anymore

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 20th July 2022 9:00am

Man at new car showroom unsure of whether he should buy a new car

The number of new car registrations dropped dramatically at the beginning of this year to the lowest since the 90s Ė letís look at why people arenít buying.

All New Builds To Have Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 21st June 2022 2:43pm

White electric car charging

From June 2022, all newbuilds must have electric vehicle chargers installed. But, why? And, what does this law mean for drivers? Find out here.

Are Electric Cars More Expensive to Service?

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 19th April 2022 12:00pm

Woman charging an electric car

As electric vehicles become more of a common sight on Britainís roads, we have to ask ourselves, are they cheaper to service? Read on to find out.

How do Hybrid Cars Work?

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 17th March 2022 9:30am

Petrol pump and electric plug in charger

As more and more drivers on Britainís roads turn to hybrid vehicles, it can be useful to know how these emission-cutting cars work. Read on to find out.

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