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How Much Is a New Tyre? Finding the Right Tyre For You

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 8th November 2023 4:00pm

Two up close tyres in a garage.

We take you through the various cost options to consider when replacing your tyres. From seasonal tyres to budget vs premium, we have you covered - read on.

How Long Do Tyres Last & How To Identify Wear

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 18th October 2023 4:00pm

A row of brand new tyres lined up.

Driving on old or worn tyres can be dangerous so you need to maintain them properly. Read about how long tyres should last and how to know if your tyres are old.

How Does Brake Fluid Work?

Jack Dreyer | Friday 22nd September 2023 8:00am

Red brake fluid being poured into a car's brake fluid reservoir.

Everybody knows that brake discs and pads are crucial when it comes to safely stopping, but what role does brake fluid play? Find out more about how it works.

Can Inactivity Affect My Carís Tyres?

Jack Dreyer | Friday 15th September 2023 8:00am

A silver car sat on a driveway in front of a garage.

Itís not uncommon for people to leave their cars sitting for long periods of time. But can this affect your tyres? Kwik Fit provides the answers.

Do Car Tyres Have Inner Tubes?

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 12th September 2023 3:00pm

Car tyres with intricate tread patterns up close.

Ever wondered if car tyres have inner tubes? We explore the original purpose of inner tubes & what makes modern tyres different in this blog. Find out here.

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