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Do Caravans Need Brakes?

Bradley Jando | Friday 16th July 2021 3:01pm

Caravan pitching with the sun shining through trees

If you’re considering buying a caravan or trailer, you may be wondering whether it needs brakes. Most often, yes. Here’s how they work!

When Should I Change My Tyres?

Bradley Jando | Wednesday 7th July 2021 3:17pm

New tyre against a dark background

You may be surprised by how long tyres can last if you opt for high quality, premium brands, but here are things to look out for with tyre maintenance.

Why You Should Check Your Tyre Pressure Often

Jack Dreyer | Thursday 1st July 2021 5:15pm

Driver checking their tyre pressure.

Having over or under-inflated tyres can be dangerous not only to you but to other road users. Read on to find out the what, why, and hows of tyre pressure.

What is Engine Braking?

Bradley Jando | Friday 25th June 2021 10:26am

Cross Section of an Engine and it's Component

Engine braking can be a safe way to slow your car down gradually, but how does it work? Find out the pros, cons, and how-tos of engine braking.

Do you know what your exhaust does?

Bradley Jando | Wednesday 23rd June 2021 4:17pm

Underneath if a car showing the exhaust

Your car exhaust system is a crucial part of your vehicle, but many drivers don't actually know the job it does. Kwik Fit offers an explanation in this article:

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