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What's the Difference Between Fuel & Oil Filters?

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 23rd November 2022 11:15am

A technician puts a new oil filter, which looks like a hoover filter, into an oil filter cartridge.

While everyone knows that filters filter things, why does fuel and car oil need to be filtered? Itís in the name of efficiency & longevity Ė read on.

What's AdBlue and is it Useful?

Jack Dreyer | Monday 21st November 2022 8:00am

Light blue AdBlue cap next to the diesel fuel filler cap on a car manufactured after 2006.

If youíve got or are thinking of buying a diesel vehicle, you might be wondering what AdBlue is, what it does, and whether you need it. Read on to find out.

Do Electric or Combustion Cars Need More Servicing?

Jack Dreyer | Friday 18th November 2022 8:30am

Mechanic servicing a car

If youíre interested in making the leap to driving an all-electric car, you may be wondering if itíll need servicing more or less than combustion cars. We explore.

Everything That Affects the Value of Your Car

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 16th November 2022 12:30pm

Car dealer handing keys to new buyer.

Are you looking to sell your car shortly or in the future? Itís worth knowing what impacts the price and how you can make it worth more ó find out here.

Is premium fuel any better?

Jack Dreyer | Monday 14th November 2022 9:00am

Person filling up a white car with fuel.

Do you know the difference between standard and premium fuel? And is there really any benefit to the latter? Read on to find out more.

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