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Driving Home for Christmas

Kwik Fit | Thursday 5th December 2019 10:40am

Family in car at Christmas time

Driving in the winter can be particularly tricky especially if the roads are icy. If youíre driving home for Christmas, make sure to prepare your vehicle first. From your tyres to your batteries and electrics, itís important to prepare your vehicle for adverse weather conditions and drive safely during your journey. Considering which tyres to fit to your vehicle is a vital part of driving safely in icy conditions. When selecting tyres, there are lots of factors to take into account. Looking for tyres that are high quality and as environmentally friendly as possible is vital in ensuring driver safety in the colder months.

Dealing with potholes

Rebecca Taylor | Friday 22nd November 2019 8:20am

Pothole on road

Potholes on UK roads can cause problems with your vehicle. If your vehicle does suffer from damage, it's possible to claim to get financial compensation to repair or replace your tyres. Find out more about how to do this in our latest blog.

Road Safety Week- FLOWER checks

Kwik Fit | Friday 22nd November 2019 3:59pm

Flower checks blog

During this Road Safety Week, we are encouraging drivers to make sure their vehicle is safe before driving. Find out more about the simple FLOWER checks you can carry out to make sure that your vehicle is as safe as possible.

Overview of hazardous driving situations

Kevin Thorpe | Wednesday 20th November 2019 4:30pm

Right hand side of car on road

Most journeys that we make in our vehicles are usually straightforward. Usually, your trip will go smoothly with limited drama. However, every time you drive, youíll be faced with potentially dangerous situations that youíll need to react to. Continue reading to find out more about what you can do to stay sage on the roads.

The most expensive city to own a car has been revealed

Kevin Thorpe | Tuesday 19th November 2019 8:40am

Birmingham Overview

The costs of owning a car can add up when you account for the costs of running and looking after your vehicle. From your annual MOT to car insurance, the costs of owning a vehicle can add up. Can you guess which city is the most expensive to own a car in?

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