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How To Store Your Tyres

Bradley Jando | Tuesday 31st August 2021 5:10pm

Tyres in a Tyre Hotel Lined Up On Racking

Tyres that arenít stored correctly can become damaged and even unusable. Store them properly using Kwik Fitís tyre storage guide.

Why Your Air Con Is Not Cold

Bradley Jando | Monday 30th August 2021 3:09pm

Air Conditioning Vents inside a Car

If your carís air con has been blowing out hot air recently, read this blog to find out what could be wrong with your AC unit and how to fix it.

Original Equipment - the best tyres for your car?

Bradley Jando | Friday 27th August 2021 3:40pm

Original Equipment Tyre

Original Equipment Tyres have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of specific cars - read about what happens, and how they help.

How Long Does a Car Service Take?

Bradley Jando | Thursday 26th August 2021 10:19am

Car Service Oil Change

Like the length of a piece of string, the length of a service depends on a huge number of factors Ė read on to see why, what happens, and when.

How To Inflate Car Tyres

Bradley Jando | Wednesday 25th August 2021 4:50pm

Technician inflating a car tyre

Tyre pressure can affect your vehicleís performance in braking distance & fuel economy. This blog will help you understand how to correctly inflate your tyres.

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