6 parking laws you probably didn't know about

Kwik Fit | Sunday 17th November 2019 11:00am

No unauthorised parking sign

Finding a good place to park your vehicle is seemingly a matter of common sense. However, there are a few lesser known laws that many drivers don't know about. Find out more about these in our latest blog.

How to spot tyre damage

Kevin Thorpe | Friday 15th November 2019 12:29pm

Damaged tyres with cuts, bulges and nails

Tyre damage can sometimes go unnoticed and become unsafe and costly to fix. Continue reading to find out more about what signs of tyre damage you should be looking out for.

How to check car service history

Kwik Fit | Thursday 14th November 2019 11:30am

mechanic looking under the hood of a car in a service centre

If your car has missing service history, there may be some ways you can find out the work that has been completed on it. We explain how.

Do classic cars need an MOT?

Kwik Fit | Wednesday 13th November 2019 9:05am

Morris Minor classic cars lined up in a row

New regulations state that a classic car doesnít need an MOT until itís older than 40 years, but there are some exceptions. Kwik Fit has all the information.

What's new for the 2020 Kwik Fit BTCC Season

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 12th November 2019 4:20pm

Sam Tordoff BTCC driver on track at Knockhill

ExcelR8's announced that they will be introducing the Hyundai I30 Fastback N Performance to the Kwik Fit BTCC for the 2020 season. With a new look calendar and some rule tweaks, the 2020 season is set to be an exciting one. Continue reading to find out more about what's new for next season.

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