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What Are Anti-lock Brakes

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 14th September 2022 11:20am

Blog banner showing the title of the blog, behind which is an exposed brake disc with abs brake caliper fitted.

Anti-lock brakes are a standard safety feature on any car, working as an additional precaution. Kwik Fit offer insight into what they are and how they work.

Are Hybrid Cars Good for Long-distance Driving?

Jack Dreyer | Tuesday 13th September 2022 12:00pm

Blog banner showing a white high end hybrid car plugged in to charge in front of a light blue background.

Are you planning a family road trip? Do you want to take your hybrid vehicle? If so, read on to learn about the performance of hybrids at long distances.

Speed Limiters Introduced To Promote Driver Safety

Jack Dreyer | Friday 9th September 2022 9:00am

Blog banner showing a car speeding.

As of July 2022, speed limiters have been made compulsory in all new cars manufactured in the EU. Find out more about this driver safety technology here.

Managing Your First Year on the Road as a New Driver

Jack Dreyer | Wednesday 7th September 2022 8:00am

Cheerful learner driver sat next to instructor giving directions.

If you’ve just passed your test, congratulations! There’s a host of experiences around the corner. Here’s our must-know advice for your first year on the road.

Checking Battery Health at Home

Jack Dreyer | Monday 5th September 2022 12:30pm

Close up of a person taking a battery terminal cover off to inspect the terminal connections.

There are many reasons why car batteries can drain & become inefficient. Luckily, there are just as many ways to maintain & check your battery health at home.

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