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5 Ways to Spot a Dad Car

Kwik Fit | Thursday 16th June 2016 1:36pm

Man driving small car

There are over 25 million passenger cars registered for use on UK roads; some large, able to seat seven or more like a small minibus; some are small seating just two with a boot seemingly big enough for a laptop and nothing more. Many are new with still gleaming paint jobs, others are older but considered classic, at least by their owners. Britainís cars come in all shapes and sizes but itís often not hard to spot the type of person who drives them. With Fatherís Day just around the corner hereís our top 5 ways to spot a car driven by a Dad!

1. Choice of Vehicle

Ford Mondeo on airport runway

Having kids makes you reassess a lot of things in life but notably it makes you think a bit more practically. Gone is the year 2009BC (Before Children) when all you ever dreamed off was owning your own sporty cabriolet with a soft top roof for summer Ďcruisesí, thereís nowhere to put the child seat for a start. No, when Dad chooses a new car he needs to consider if thereís plenty of boot space for the buggy, how many doors it has (have you tried putting a baby in a 3-door car with a rear facing child seat?), and are there enough cubby holes and cup holders for all the inevitable baby and child gear youíll need to take on every trip. A reliable runner wouldnít hurt either. For this reason look out for models like the Ford Mondeo, the Volkswagen Passat or the Skoda Supreme or even SUVs like the Volvo XC90. The added space and practical features means thereís a good chance thereís a Dad behind the wheel.

2. The Soundtrack to Dad

Band performing concert

Stuck in traffic, windows down, you can tell a lot about the other drivers from what they are listening to. But Dadís car is unmistakeable, belting out rock classics from Dire Straits to Status Quo. To him, The Chain is: ďthe seminal driving anthem from Fleetwood Macís iconic 11th album RumoursĒ, to you itís: ďthat song off the Formula OneĒ. Younger Dadís have slightly different taste but can be identified just as easily from their collection of 90ís Indie including Blur, Pulp, The Verve and of course Oasis.

If itís the radio theyíve got on, listen out for Radio 2 or Planet Rock, all good Dad material playing Ďproper musicí rather than Ďthat noise the kids listen to these daysí!

3. Window Suckers

baby on board sign

Itís my theory that no one buys any of the myriad signs available to display in your car until you become a parent. Starting with the obligatory ĎBaby on Boardí sign, this one at least has a purpose in that you hope the driver behind you may be a little more considerate and, in the event of an accident, the emergency services do actually use them as an indication that a child may be in the vehicle. But then there are others, the funny ones like ĎDadís Taxií, ĎMy Other Carís a Porscheí and for the Dad struggling with hair loss, ĎSlaphead on Boardí. No Dad ever buys these signs themselves but, as gifts from their kids and other family members, they feel obliged to display them in the window for the world to see.

An extension of the window sign is the sun shade that suckers on to the windows to stop direct sunlight glaring into the kid's eyes in the back seats. In my own experience these visors are fairly ineffective, block little light and only serve to promote the kidís TV franchises printed on the mesh. Nothing says Dadís car more than a Peppa Pig or Frozen sun shade in the back windows!

4. External Paraphernalia from the year dot

England flag on car

What better way for Dad to show a little national pride than with a set of clip on flags for the car? These things were big a few years back when England would actually lose on penalties rather than in the group stages and the fad seems to have died down a bit since then. But itís the Euros and Dad canít resist. Plus with the Olympics this summer, the market traders are bound to be selling all manner of Union Flag versions and other patriotic car paraphernalia like wing mirror covers and bumper stickers.

Love them or hate them, when the nation has a sporting event, these things are everywhere. The problem is, Dadís a busy man and long after the event is over the flags and other gubbins still remain on the car. Flags arenít the only outdated items classically found on cars belonging to Dads; look out for faded giant red noses that have been attached to the front of the car since around Comic Relief 2003.

5. The Beaded Chair

Beaded seat covers

Dadís not as young as he wishes he was anymore. But with age comes a new outlook on life and a preference for comfort over style. Thatís when you decide you need a beaded chair cover.

As a young man you wouldnít be seen dead adding one of these things to your driverís seat, but Dad is older and wiser now, realising that while they might not look all that, on a hot day the beads allow air to circulate between your body and the car seat so you donít get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Perfect for long drives and the reason why you see so many taxi drivers with them.

The lower back rest is no different. Dadís friends would have laughed at him back in the day for having one of these. Now they want to know where they can get one too for a bit of added support.

Dadís car might be quirky but regular preventative maintenance has never been more important especially now the car is being used to ferry the kids around (Dadís Taxi remember?). At Kwik Fit we provide a range of vehicle service packages to keep your car in a roadworthy and safe condition, including a combined service and MOT. We also provide a number of free services like our thorough 40-point brake check.

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