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Half term road trip tips

Kwik Fit | Wednesday 16th October 2019 10:40am

Children sleeping in the car

With half term coming up, you might be planning a road trip to keep the kids occupied. Make sure that youíre completing these simple vehicle checks before you hit the road. You should also check for road traffic alerts and potential busy roads before setting off so that you arrive at your destination as quickly and as safely as soon as possible.

Vehicle Checks

Carrying out these simple checks prior to travelling could also save you money as looking after your vehicle will ensure that your vehicle will safely get you to your destination. You should be completing these checks regularly but they are especially important before long journeys. One of the main areas to check before setting off is your tyres. There are a few key areas of your tyres that you should be looking out for. Firstly, making sure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure is important as under and over inflated tyres can both cause issues for your vehicle. You should also be sure to check your fluid levels such as engine oil and coolant levels. These checks will help to minimise the risk of you breaking down on your journey. Itís also important to make sure that you bring some food and drink for the journey, especially if youíre travelling with children.

Planning Your Trip

If you can, you should travel at night to avoid the rush as it can be busy during peak times during half term week. Also, if youíre travelling with children, it can be easier to travel at night as they are more likely to be asleep so will need less to entertain them. If you do drive at night, make sure that you drive carefully as hazards can be more difficult to spot in the dark.

Stay Calm Behind The Wheel

During your drive, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your journey is as safe and enjoyable as possible. As traffic on the road increases during the school holidays, it is important to stay calm and patient to minimise accidents. Driving aggressively wonít get you to your destination any quicker and will increase your frustration and also aggravate other road users. Planning your journey to avoid busy routes where possible can help to ensure that you arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.  Routes that lead to cities or attractions are most likely to be the ones affected by traffic jams. If you do get stuck in a traffic jam, listen for radio alerts on upcoming hazards and make sure to turn your engine off.

Keeping Passengers Entertained

Making sure that your passengers are entertained can be tricky on long journeys. This is especially true if youíre driving with young children. Tablets, music and plenty of snacks can be a good way of keeping children occupied. Make sure that your vehicle is comfortable for all passengers and if you're travelling in the evening, it's important to bring some blankets and pillows so that your children can sleep.

Road Trip Inspiration

One of the most scenic UK road trips is the Lake District. Driving in this area allows you to see lakes and picturesque countryside. Windermere is used by many as a great base to explore the Lake District. You can also explore villages like Grasmere where you can visit Dove Cottage where William Wordsworth used to live. For the more adventurous, you can also climb Scafell Pike.

Another UK national park that is great to explore on a road trip is the Peak District. One of the highlights is Derwent Dam which has a selection of great walks. You can also discover the underground networks of the Blue John Cavern in this area.

Wherever you're driving to this half term, following these simple tips will ensure that your road trip goes smoothly and safely. If you're worried about your vehicle, head down to your local Kwik Fit and they will be happy to help out.

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