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The future of driving: safety and innovation

Kwik FIt | Friday 5th July 2019 2:13pm

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The introduction of new technology takes time. This is particularly the case when it comes to cars. New technology has to be tested to ensure that it is safe and reliable before it hits the roads.

Key areas of future technological development in the automotive industry are in autonomous vehicles and digital manufacturing. Find out more about the latest innovations in this blog.

Manufacturing in digital

The manufacturing processes being used currently enables manufacturers to use technology to model, adapt and test new innovations and components. This is a great help in the construction process and allows manufacturers to work effectively on technology that both improves the driving experience and makes driving safer.

Safety in the future

Car manufacturers, such as Continental, have been working to ensure that modern cars are as safe as possible. Innovations such as cameras and sensors provide drivers with safe transport solutions. Although the current innovations have gone a long way to improve driver safety, the process is still ongoing. There are constant innovations in the automotive industry helping to make drivers safer.

If you’re driving behind a slow-moving lorry, it is quite likely that you are unable to see properly around the vehicle to overtake safely. However, Continental are working on a solution to this problem using Augmented Reality.

AR is an area of exciting potential. Using information from sensors as well as a Head-Up Display, you will be able to perceive the road beyond the truck. This live view of the road will enable drivers to judge whether certain driving decisions are safe or not.

Augmented reality will change the driving experience. Watch this space for more information on the latest automotive innovations.

5G at Goodwood

Autonomous technology is the future of cars but how long it will be until this technology is publically available. However, last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed saw a key milestone in the development of autonomous vehicles. Samsung demonstrated how 5G can work with autonomous vehicles as drift car champion Vaughn Gittin Jr remotely controlled a car up the hill using VR equipment. This highlights the importance of a strong 5G network for autonomous vehicles to communicate with each other. This demonstration of the concept working will enable future advances to made into 5G and autonomous vehicles. However, there are still difficulties that need to be ironed out. These include how operations will work in areas without 5G coverage or areas with poor reception. Issues such as these will need to be addressed before autonomous cars using 5G can be rolled out.

The future of reality

With the advancements in AR occurring at an accelerated pace. The way that drivers see their environment is massively changing. An example of this is in satellite navigation. Instructions may appear in front of the driver rather than merely on a screen. In a similar way, updates on the car and the road may seem more real than just stuck on a screen.

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