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Tour De Branch route 3 highlights

Kwik Fit | Tuesday 3rd September 2019 11:30am

Tour De Branch cyclists outside Kwik Fit centre

Our route three team began in Peterborough and ended in Woking. Completing 410 miles over 5 days on hilly terrain, the team worked hard to raise money for Children with Cancer UK. The route saw the team pass through 24 Kwik Fit centres raising money along the way. The most challenging day for the team was the hill climbs of day four in High Wycombe where the team cycled an incredible 70 miles with steep inclines for large parts of their journey. So far, our route three team have been the luckiest with the weather so far as they cycled at an average of 9 degrees with a cool breeze thrown in.

On day one, the team cycled for 77 miles from Peterborough to Bury St Edmunds passing through 5 Kwik Fit centres along their way. The team were welcomed by centre staff who ensured that the team were able to take a well-deserved food and drink stop. Met by friends, family and local Kwik Fit centre staff, the team was encouraged along their way. We were also honoured to be greeted by local mayors who helped us to hand over the money raised by the centres to Children with Cancer UK. At Our Peterborough centre, we were met by the Mayor, Gul Nawaz and representatives from Children with Cancer UK who gave the team some words of encouragement before they headed off towards our Bury St Edmunds where they were completing day one. The team also took some time during our centre stops to ensure that their bikes were in good condition and ready for the rest of the dayís cycling.

Day two was the longest day of the tour for the route three team which saw them cycling an incredible 98 miles from Bury St Edmunds to Ipswich. The team were met with some injuries and challenging routes along the way but still finished the day smiling and in good spirits. The cyclists made sure that they kept up their motivation and energy levels helped by our support team and centre staff along the way.

On day three, our team cycled an amazing 84 miles from our Ipswich centre to Hertford. The team stopped at our Colchester and Brentwood centres along the way where they picked up donations for Children with Cancer UK. The team had to make good progress to ensure that they arrived on time for Deputy Mayor Jane Riley and Mayor Bob Massey whose words helped the team to stay motivated ahead of day four of their leg.

Day four was another busy day for our route 3 team as they cycled from Hertford to Slough. The team stopped at 6 Kwik Fit centres including our Cambridge centre where £1000 had been raised for Children with Cancer UK. This was one of the most difficult days of the route as the hills made for a challenging cycle for our team. However, they managed to make good progress towards our Slough centre where they finished for the day. Our team were met by the Deputy Mayor of Luton, Maria Lovell, who provided some inspiration before the team headed on towards our St Albans centre.

Day five was the final day for our route three team before they handed over to our route four team who will be cycling from Woking to Tonbridge Vale in the next route of Tour De Branch. The team cycled from Slough to Woking picking up cheques for Children with Cancer along the way. Keep an eye on our social media channels to stay updated with the teamís progress throughout the rest of the tour.

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Our team of 12 riders and 3 support staff completed their 420 mile cycling route in order to help us reach our £1 million fundraising target for Children with Cancer UK. You can support the team by donating here.

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