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Will the new lockdown affect my MOT & Service?

Bradley Jando | Tuesday 3rd November 2020 11:46am

Don't panic, we are still performing services and MOTs

With the recent spike in Coronavirus cases, the government has decided to enact a second lockdown Ė applied to all non-essential businesses that arenít able to work from home. So, you may be wondering whether your upcoming car service and MOT will be affected.

In short, itís very unlikely that your MOT & Service will be affected by the new Coronavirus lockdown measures. These were considered essential services in the previous lockdown Ė a decision we stand by - due to vehicle and road safety being paramount to the safe continuation of other vital services.

Be aware that this is a situation thatís unfolding, so our services may be affected in ways that weíre currently unable to foresee. But we donít anticipate significant disruption. Here are some questions weíve been receiving recently.

Will my MOT renewal be extended again?

MOTs will still be running during lockdown

Itís unclear as yet. Weíd imagine that MOT renewal deadlines wonít be extended again as, firstly, the first extension has only just ended and, secondly, we donít anticipate as large-scale disruption as the first lockdown caused. After all, we have all now been through 6 months or so of tighter measures.

Nevertheless, booking your MOT well in advance is a great way to avoid being stumped by booked-up centres.

Will I have to reschedule my car service?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Coronavirus, then please do reschedule your car service for a time in the future - after youíve finished self-quarantining. Otherwise, MOT testing and car servicing will continue as usual.

Am I allowed to stay in the centre while my MOT or service is being conducted?

Facemasks are compulsory while visiting centres

This will vary depending on your local Kwik Fit centre. If the local management has determined that thereís enough space in the centre to safely allow customers to wait, then you will be able to Ė providing you wear a suitable face mask. Otherwise, you may have to arrange alternative transport or wait elsewhere while work is being done.

Itís best to check with your local garage when making your booking.

Can I still book for car repairs?

Yes, our repairs services will be operating as usual, but be aware that there may be increased waiting times for bookings due to the volume of drivers currently seeking MOT testing and servicing.

To be sure, check availability with your local Kwik Fit centre.

Is my local Kwik Fit Covid-secure?

All Kwik Fit centres offer sanitation stations on entry and exit

Rest assured that our staff follow strict social distancing guidelines. Where more than one technician is required to work in close proximity while servicing or repairing your vehicle, this is always conducted with a face covering.

Our centres allow contact-minimal card payments and are currently not taking cash payments to reduce contact wherever possible. All of our centres provide sanitation stations on entry and exit.

Contact your local Kwik Fit for more information

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If you have any questions that arenít answered here, itís best to get in touch with your local Kwik Fit centre to see how they are operating. Due to the number of centres we have, individual centres will have made their own operating procedures in many cases - and they will be more than happy to let you know how theyíre working at this time.

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